Prom Jokes

Top 10 funny things about prom:

  1. It's supposed to be one of the biggest nights of our lives, but we're only actually there for 15 minutes: Morning Announcements at the High School of Your Nightmares
  2. The themes are always something extremely gay: The Most Epic Steeplechase Ever
  3. For no apparent reason, teenage mothers just seem to give birth at least 24 hours before: College Memories
  4. The hottest person we'll ever go out with is the one we took to the prom: Forty Dollars…With a Vengeance
  5. The prom king and queen are never people you don't hang out with, like the kid who plays dungeons and dragons 24/7 and the goth chick who scares you every time you look at her: The Obscene Hatred List
  6. Hooking up with the prom queen or king deserves an award, or maybe a fancy trophy: The Exhausting Demise of Summer Movies
  7. The prom committee spends so much time on decorations and food, but no one pays attention to that stuff because they just really want to dance: How Do You Like Your Proms?
  8. No one really remembers being in pictures at the prom or at the party after: Making Moves with Freshmen
  9. There's nothing more awesome than doing karaoke in a tuxedo or expensive prom dress: The Ultimate Soundtrack of Our College Lives
  10. If they served booze there, the after-party wouldn't exist: How Do You Like Your Proms?
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