Babies Jokes

  1. They're actually a parasite growing inside of you: Babies are a Parasite Growing Inside You
  2. Even though its unnecessary, people insist on calling their loved ones “baby”: Going Out to Dinner
  3. The lullabies sung to them by their parents these days are so much cooler than the ones we got sung to us: Hush, Little Baby
  4. There's always one popular girl in college that has one: 11 Things You Must Do Before You Finish College
  5. Celebrities are popping them out more than careless teenagers: Britney Spears Correspondence
  6. For some odd reason, people actually think of stealing them: Hit Me Baby One More Time
  7. People are now giving them the weirdest names in the world: Brangelina's Wedding Day Story!
  8. Saying you want to put one in someone is now considered sexy and not weird: Bristol Palin
  9. Like kittens, people say they always do something extremely cruel and disgusting to them: So I Pour Blood on Babies
  10. Even though they're covered in goo when they're first born, they're extremely cute: The Delivery Room

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