Pets Jokes

Top 10 funny things about pets:

  1. Their owners can be pretty evil, because let's face it, most of them take away their pet's manhood: Pet Owners are Evil
  2. You tend to miss them more than your parents when you're at college: Heavy Petting
  3. Unlike us, they don't care where they take a shit: Total Crocs: Suze Orman, Otehr People's Pets, and Old People
  4. Pet shops are always the same size as a convenience store: British Sitcom
  5. For some reason people like to get them involved with drugs: How to Be a Drug Dealer
  6. Even though it's sad, they die because of how stupid people can be sometimes: If My Life was a Sitcom
  7. It doesn't matter what kind of animal they are, they all make awesome best friends: Fighting Fire with Firefighters
  8. Pet names are not only used for animals, but also for party days and for your wittle Yogi Bear (lover): Underage Speed-Breeding
  9. People can be assholes because they make theirs turn into a modern-day Garfield: 8 Things I Hate, Period
  10. There's a such thing as a Chia Pet: Four True Villians and Their Stories
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