Graduation Jokes

Top 10 funny things about graduation:

  1. It's your school's last chance to make you suffer: Graduation: Pomp and Circumstances
  2. No one likes having their picture taken in an ugly ass gown that produces litres upon litres of sweat: Making Moves with Freshmen
  3. The walk to receive your diploma is legendary, because its five seconds where you can do something incredibly stupid and tarnish your school forever: iGrad: Music to My Ears
  4. Adults always ask you what you're going to do after the big ceremony even though they already know the answer: get stupid drunk: Prospy Weekend
  5. Even though our names are announced in alphabetical order, some of us still manage to sit in the wrong place: Graduation: Pomp and Circumstances
  6. The most heartfelt breakups always occur right after because people just have other people to look forward to: Breaking Up is Hard To Do
  7. During the speeches, we don't think about the classes we attended and the memories we shared with teachers, we think about the stupid sexual and illegal things we did at school: Congraduations, Class of 2007
  8. The only thing you know your future holds is alcohol once the ceremonies are over: Graduation: Pomp and Circumstances
  9. At the graduation party, you'll find yourself singing epic rock anthems: The Ultimate Soundtrack of Our Lives
  10. Once it's over, you come to the conclusion that you can't be suck-up to your parents anymore: Hot Time in the City: Moving to NYC After Graduation
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