Fights Jokes

Top 10 funny things about fights:

  1. They may be popular in boxing rings, but the real spectacle is at the bar: Bar Fights
  2. Movie fight scenes are incredibly awesome, but the ones in real life are a lot more sloppy and sometimes just weird: Why So Serious?
  3. The physically handicapped may look like they have a disadvantage, but they don't use fists, they use weapons: Even Crippled, I Have Questions
  4. Combine it with “girl” and people break into a frenzy similar to when Godzilla attacks: YouTube: Girl Fight
  5. For some odd yet delightful reason, they inspire large groups of people to sing: School Spirit: My Anti-Drug
  6. They can take place anywhere, but usually when you least expect it: Halloween Disaster
  7. People love them so much, they'll watch two guys in giant diapers duke it out: Ultimate Fighting Words
  8. In sports, there's no such thing as punching and kicking when it comes to fighting because athletes like to use different techniques, like headbutts: Pick-Up Soccer With An Edge
  9. Some of the reasons for them are understandable, like someone hitting on your eye candy, but most of the time it happens out of stupidity: 11 Things You Must Do Before You Finish College
  10. They created Chuck Norris, plain and simple: Anti-Chuck Norris Facts: Fighting

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