Elevators Jokes

Top 10 funny things about elevators:

  1. You tend to look at everybody who's riding with you and make fun of them in your head: Poorly Timed Topical Jokes About Christmas Shopping and New Year's Eve
  2. Because of Aerosmith, everyone wants to try having sex in one: Away With You
  3. You've tried jumping on an elevator right before it hits the ground at least five times: How to Survive College Without a Helmet
  4. It's extremely annoying when someone sticks their hand in the tiny space in the elevator door just so they don't have to wait about two minutes to catch it again: Breaking Out of the Bubble
  5. When you're in a rush, they take forever just to piss you off: My Organs and I Go to Work
  6. They always create extremely awkward silences, especially when they're packed to the brim: Having Fun
  7. You could probably kill everyone around you if you let go a fart in one: The Fine Art of Farting
  8. Someone of the hottest people you'll ever meet in your lifetime can be found in one: The Bed, Beach and Beyond
  9. People will still take them even if the building they're in is on fire: The Dreaded Fire Alarm
  10. No one really knows what will exactly happen when someone pushes the emergency button: Ugly Amber: My Anti-Drug