Cemeteries Jokes

Top 10 funny things about cemeteries:

  1. People are dying to get in: Celebrity Death Pool 2007
  2. Even in a bad economy grave diggers always find work: Poor Iraq Cemetery Workers
  3. All of Carlos Mencia's bad jokes can finally rest in peace: How to Be Annoying
  4. Grandma isn't talking your ear off anymore: Snoop Dogg Visits His Grandma
  5. Dead girls can't say no, so you have to: Sex Last Night
  6. This is where the Zombie uprising will start: If There's Ever a Zombie Attack, It Will Start at Home Depot
  7. It's a cheaper field trip then the zoo: Many Aquatic Animals Will Perform for Your Pleasure
  8. Dig for buried treasure!: Gold Digging Friends Use Hoes to Find Backyard Cash
  9. All dogs don't go to heaven, they end up in a crudely dug hole in your backyard: Cat vs. Dog Owners: A Scientific Analysis
  10. It's a better vacation spot then Gilligan's Island: Drinking Away Your Summer Vacation
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