Baseball Jokes

  1. Minor-league games sell more beer than major-league games: Beer Battered Baseball
  2. Baseball cards were fun to collect when you were younger because almost every player had an awesome moustache or beard: Where's Charlie's Angels 3? A Summer Movie Preview
  3. There are more Latin people that play the game than there are Latin people: Not Another Baseball Article
  4. It's the most boring thing to watch when you're sober: The Ideal Sports Bar
  5. While at a game in-person, you'll find yourself more concerned about continuing the wave in the stands than actually watching the game: Baseball and the Annoying Power of Hate
  6. You'd think they are the best, but USA's national team doesn't stand a chance in world tournaments: Don't Call It a Comeback (Basketball Edition)
  7. It was more exciting in the 90's because people actually cared about the sport then: Actual Letter I Actually Sent to Bud Selig
  8. The crappy teams are always the best teams to cheer for: Rays Baseball: What the Hell?
  9. A player's image isn't based on what his hair looks like, it's based on how jacked up his arms are: Steroids: Because Losing Sucks
  10. Umpires have probably killed someone in their lifetime because they take a lot of lip and don't cry about it after: Bad Baseball and Presumtuous Rednecks

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