A look at the best and the worst YouTube has to offer by a man driven to internet writing after rejection from the cruel world of cinema.

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May 2007

YouTube: Tribeca Film Festival, Part 2 | 5-27-07
Once again, we review the barely passable cinema that is Tribeca. Caution, extensive viewing may result in serious mental regression.

YouTube: Tribeca Film Festival | 5-6-07
Tribeca may attract a lot of Hollywood elitism, but some of these short films are better viewed on drugs. Wait, everything makes sense now.

April 2007

YouTube: Racist Comedy | 4-29-07
Racial comedy is a gamble. Put all your money on black, and see if the grape juice was worth squeezing an entire race of people across the Atlantic.

YouTube: Music Videos | 4-23-07
Today's music videos espouse theories like Fat Joe as a terrorist and sloths as hardcore partiers. Add some guitar and we'll buy it.

YouTube: Japanese Game Shows | 4-8-07
The sheer lunacy of Japanese game show contestants is enough to put anime drama to shame. Right or wrong, the answer is comedy.

YouTube: Pirates | 4-1-07
Arrrgh… who's tired of hearing pirate jokes? Apparently not enough people on YouTube. When it comes to trouble on the high seas, we're hooked.

March 2007

YouTube: Comedy | 3-18-07
Random acts of silliness is one thing, but scoring laughs while actually trying to achieve laughs, well that is what we call art, gentlemen.

YouTube: The Absurd | 3-11-07
Fear and Loathing doesn't hold a candle to these strange video trips. Grab some LSD, otherwise poodles working out won't make any sense.

YouTube: Ninjas | 3-4-07
Stealth and physical prowess take a backseat when these fumbling wannabes shine as the idiotic ninja stars of their own videos.

February 2007

YouTube: Girl Fight | 2-25-07
Sometimes the estrogen builds and builds until it has nowhere to go but “outside.” These girls aren't afraid to go at it tooth and fake nails.

YouTube: Super Bowl Ads | 2-18-07
Eager to take advantage of the burgeoning audience of cavemen lulled into a sports/meat hypnosis, advertisers spend even more on boobies.

YouTube: Punched in the Face | 2-11-07
Time Magazine named you “Man of the Year,” but now Harold Longfellow is going to hit you where it hurts: the face.