Deer Court,

I was driving home last night and all of a sudden you jumped out in the middle of the road! Then you just stood there and gave me this blank look like you didn't even know me or something. What's the deal man, I thought everything was cool after last weekend?

Headlights in Confusion

Dear Headlights in Confusion,

Thanks for your email, but just because you yelled “sorry” into the woods after clipping my tail on the way home last weekend doesn't mean “everything's cool” between us. But okay, I forgive you!

I guess you could say I just like to wander around late at night and do some thinking. Nothing personal really, I probably just zoned out. Plus the MapWoods directions I printed out were very confusing! Turns out there was construction on the east side of the Wilson Ravine and I had to detour all around the backwoods. Who knew the city had already finished the 285 outbound loop! It was as surprising to me as it was to you I'm sure.

By the way, could you possibly turn off your bright lights next time? It's kind of blinding and difficult to know which direction to run. Just a friendly reminder!

Court (the deer)