>>> Beaver Fever
By staff writer Brent Stone
October 7, 2007

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot from Nate about the Bulls, but today it’s time for a little dose of something else. For those of you who live in caves (but somehow have the internet and are reading this), last night my Stanford Cardinal (not the bird, the shade of red) beat the USC Trojans. That was followed by heavy, heavy drinking, and a lot of burning things in the quad.

Anyway, because I’ve got this little corner of the internet where I can write more or less anything I desire, this week you get a list of why we’re awesome and USC fans should hang their heads in shame. Back to regular programming next week.

  1. Last week, we lost to Arizona State. By 38 points. Though, that’s a little less about why we’re awesome and more about USC head-shame-hanging.
  2. Our starting quarterback recently suffered a seizure, and couldn’t play in the game. The quarterback who did play had never started a single game. Then he beat USC.
  3. Not only did we win, we won at the Coliseum.
  4. Not only did we win at the Coliseum, we snapped a 35-game win streak at home for USC. Just for reference, the last time their home win streak was snapped was six years ago. By us.
  5. USC is the number 2 ranked team in the nation. And by is, I mean was. Now they’re number 10. That’s what happens when you lose to an unranked team.
  6. Four interceptions thrown by Booty.
  7. That’s John David Booty, who’s the starting quarterback for the former number 2 team in the country. I can’t remember if I mentioned it, but our quarterback was a backup for an unranked team.
  8. Seriously, have you ever heard of Tavita Pritchard? Yeah, neither had I.
  9. Last year, we won one game.
  10. This is arguably the biggest upset this season in college football, and that’s a season that started with Appalachian State beating Michigan.
  11. Come on kids, we beat USC. Fuckin’ University of Southern California. All they have is football and a good film school. I’m gonna make a movie and beat them in some film contest just to fully seal this victory.
  12. We’re the worst team in the Pac-10. They’re the best. Hell, we’ve got so little respect that even after beating them, we’re still unranked.
  13. Alright, I’m pretty much out now – sorry Court, this one’s gonna be a little short.

Alex’s Video Corner

My bad on forgetting about this last week, but I’ll give you a few for the price of one to make it up this week. This particular series is called Unforgivable. Pack your bowl, and give them a watch.