My good buddy, Nate DeGraaaf wanted to know why I haven't been posting on my blog. I told him I was busy. but the truth is that I've just been being a whiny little bitch.

About this time I’m celebrating two weeks in St. Louis. “Celebrating” may be a little strong of a word as I feel terribly homesick and miss all my friends back home, but it seemed a better word than “trying not to cry like a little girl.”

Eric and I spent all day last week in the U-Haul driving towards what would eventually be my home for the next year. The mood was electric. OK the mood was more like Jello: jiggly and ever shifting even while it solidifies.

I started out super excited. I figured out that driving the truck towing my car was going to be doable for me. Not the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but doable. By the time I got to Eric’s place in Kalamazoo, I was ready to drive to Alaska if I had to. Fortunately, I didn’t have to go that far.

iPods kept the tunes coming and the road just kept going. Illinois is a long state. If I ever have to drive it again, I’m going to make sure that I’m on acid in the trunk or something. I never want to have to be coherent through that again.

We hit what Chicago people would call “traffic.” Personally I would call it my own private hell that’s experienced by large numbers of people in their own vehicles not moving. After that it was miles and miles of nothing.

I hate long car rides, but finally it was over. Then we get to my new apartment and meet my new roommate. The apartment is in a great part of town. I’m right down the street from the Loop which is the hip happening place for all the college kids and twenty-somethings in town. I happen to be the latter.

I grab a big load of boxes and head for the door. I open the door to my room and almost cry: Let’s put it this way: I’ve had dorm rooms that are bigger. The other room in the apartment is big enough that a visiting sheik would be comfortable. Mine used to be a closet.

All great artists must suffer for their work. I wasn’t here for the real estate. I’m here to start a new job and Monday was my first day.

Being the new guy is not that fun. No one really cares that you’re there except for the people who no longer have to do the job for two.

If I’ve learned anything in college it’s that I don’t know anything.

Fuck. I want my 40 grand back.

So that’s the long and short of it. I’m in St. Louis. Got a new job. Blah blah blah. I’ll be back in East Lansing for the Fourth and Dover is going to die.

Does anybody want to redo my blog? I know it looks like shit, but I don't care enough to fuck with it, but I'm happy to let someone else take a crack at it.

Crack taker.