Have you ever walked into a situation knowing you were going to fail, and then failed even harder that you thought? It happened to me Thursday in West Virginia at the All Good Music Festival. For some reason it didn't dawn on me that pounding 15 Busch beers and Jim Bean whiskey for 8 hours straight in 95 degree weather, under the sun with no shade cover would be a bad idea, but apparently it leaves me unable to stand, but some how able to make decisions.

  My friends were walking to see Keller Williams perform, and I was staggered closely behind. Something caught my attention though. It was a large crowd surrounding a ball in a cup game. I staggered up to it, and immediately started claiming I would fuck that game up, and the first round I did. I won 20 bucks. It gets hazy for the next 30 seconds, because my blood alcohol level and it being 1 in the morning had taken a toll on my body, I apparently bet 50 bucks on a sure thing and lost. I made eye contact with the very large black man in front of me, and he stared back at me, waiting for my 50 bucks. My friend told me I said the following things to this man:

Me: Everyday I'm hustling?
Large Black Man: Everyday.
Me: I just got street hustled?
LBM: Pretty much, give me that cash or the man behind you is going to take it.
Me: Does he care that I have a knife in my pocket?
LBM: Not really, because he has one pointed at your back.
Me: Take it, your hood ass needs it more than I do.
LBM: Fuck you white boy.
Me: Hood rat. You'll die at thirty from a gunshot wound to the face.

  Apparently the crowd was laughing at the fact that I had the balls to shit talk the street hustler.

  My only friend who noticed that I had left the group then put his hand on my shoulder and walked me to the Keller Williams performance, where I drank more alcohol and woke up naked in my tent. In the morning I had no clue where my money went, but when my friend told me the hustle incident, I just laughed. It kind of sucks though, because I actually know how this hustle works. All dude does is pull the ball out with his thumb when he tips the cups over, and it doesn't matter what cup your choose because it's in his hand. He then slips it under the remaining cup as he turns it over. Apparently I forget these things when intoxicated though.

Song of the Day: Everyday I'm Hustlin by Rick Ross