I returned to school today and kissed my winter break good bye. It's not all bad though because I learned something from this past month. I was intoxicated in some form almost every single day of my month long break because I had nothing else to do besides go to work and get shitty with my friends. I ended up in a lot of bars over the break and after I pretty much got into a normal routine of getting drunk, getting a girl by buying her drinks at a bar, sleeping with her in her apartment and then walking to my car the next morning. Honestly it's not a bad routine to fall into, but like all things I got bored with it really quick.

I had to mix it up. I decided what I needed to change was the way I was picking up women. I decided to get bold with it. I know women love confidence because that's what has always gotten me laid, so I decided to be confident and make them buy me drinks. A little role reversal. I would casually walk up to the bar, and if a cute girl gave me a look, I would tell her if she bought me a drink I would sit and talk with her. The first couple of nights I went out this failed terribly. I went home alone but drunk, and that was the problem. I was drunk because I paid for it and alone because I wasn't buying for her also. So I took a night off, got really high and reflected on the technique I was using. I decided that I was being too forward and that a woman can get any dick she wants in the bar, so why should she buy drinks for mine? I needed a way to not pay for drinks and make her still want my dick.

So the next night I went out to a local tavern and I walked up to the bar to buy a round of shots. I approached the bar and it was crowded with bodies all calling for the bartender's attention. I just did what I usually do and stuck my money out where the bartender could see it and he headed my way. I know most of the bartenders around here respond to cash faster than people with tabs because people with cash usually are sober enough to remember to tip unlike those with tabs who can barely remember to get their credit cards back at the end of the night. There was a cute girl in a black cocktail dress sitting on a bar stool next to where I was ordering. She told me I should buy her a drink because I was cute. I asked her if I was so cute, why isn't she buying me a drink? Being caught off guard, she went silent and I could see her brain trying to process what was happening. This cutie was dumb, so I really didn't expect much of a reaction.

"But really, why don't you buy me a drink if you think I'm so cute?"

"I don't have any money."

"You came to a bar without money? Kind of dumb, but I'm not buying you a drink. You can buy me one though."

"I'll get someone else to buy me a drink."

"That's fine, if you'll excuse me I'm placing a drink order."

I placed my order and she just kept eyeing me like she expected me to hand her one of the drinks. It must have sunk in when I walked away without saying anything to her. I didn't think anything of it until twenty minutes later she showed up at my table with two shots of whiskey and told me to drink.

"I thought you didn't have any money?"

"The bartender is my friend."

"Well here is to knowing the right people in life then."

We took the shots and she sat down with my friends and I and we talked. This girl was dumber than hell so we stuck to drinking and talking about magazines. It was weird buying every other round, me alternating drinks with her. She kept bringing up the fact that she hadn't bought drinks for herself in a long time and I just kept smiling knowing that this would have to be the model I used when developing a more thought out version of this pick up style. I banged her that night and woke up with money in my wallet, which never happens, so I knew I was onto something.

I figured out I just had to be like most of the women I pick up in bars. I had to in a way put myself out there as better because I come at a cost. You can randomly meet any drunk in a bar, but there is always something intriguing about a person you want to get drunk so they will spend time with you. Maybe they're sexy, maybe you want to get laid, maybe it's because you know they're out of your league, maybe you don't want to drink alone? Who knows? It's like a car. Anyone can buy the shitty stock model, but wouldn't you rather have the fast, expensive one that promises a good time? More expensive is better, especially when it comes to people you're going to have sex with.

I've been employing this technique for a week or two now, and the pay off is about 50-50. Sometimes I get drunk for half the cost and laid, sometimes I realize it's not going to happen and I pay full price to blackout. I've found that smart women tend to respond to a male demanding drinks as compensation for time, and that really dumb sluts think it's hilarious and tend to flock to you. Your average girl is going to be turned off by such a proposition. They can usually process things as they happen and not over think what's going on. I think smart girls like it because they think this guy might be different because he is doing something revolutionary, and dumb sluts like to be surrounded by people like them, so someone demanding drinks for a promise of sex later just naturally attracts them. I have no real data to back this up, so do with it what you want, but it's made picking up women much more exciting and less routine.