I know I haven't updated in a while, so I gotta eeeeeasse ya'll back into the greatness. And nothing says ease like Points in Case and lists. Except perhaps Mama Gaudio and a six pack of mad dog 20/20. But since I simply don't have the time to get all my shots, Mommy G-spot is just going to have to wait, while I tickle your fancy with yet another list.

X's Top 4* TV Shows: I've never been one to rush home to catch the latest episode of “Gilmore Girls” or MTV's “The Hills”. But there are a few shows that I'll make a decent effort to watch as long as it doesn't interfere with my busy schedule of reading Calvin and Hobbes and eating paste.

Psych, USA:
No, the title doesn't refer to Gaudio's signature ejaculatory slang when he informs his special friends that his nickname is actually Nine-Pump Nick. That would be disgusting and absurdly specific, and it would only be popular in the bathhouses of West Virginia. This Psych is actually a supremely entertaining blend of non-distracting intrigue, witty one-liners, and well-written characters.

The Wire, HBO: This might be the most overrated show on television, and it still made my top five list. Those two facts alone should let you know how highly its fan talk about it. Pretty much every person I know who watches it ranks it in their top 1 shows. I'm not willing to go so far, but I will say this: It has done more than any other show on television to influence me to attempt to acquire drug spots on the streets of Baltimore.

Pardon The Interruption, ESPN: It's kind of surprising that the best show on ESPN is just two middle-aged, balding guys talk about sports headlines, and that it is is a testament to their chemistry. It's kind of like the television equivalent of the Degraaf-Rebello banter, only somebody's watching and the show doesn't feature any angry virgins (that's right – Nate's whole personality is a well-constructed sham). My one gripe is that the hosts are often fulfilling other obligations, which saps the show of its strength.

The Office, NBC: Or, as it's known around the ‘ol water cooler, Phelan-porn. Anything I say in a paragraph would be a front to his epic front page screed, so I'm just going to implore you to find it, read it, and comment on it. I will say this – fuck Pam Beasley. That is all.

*What is this obsession with top 5 or 10 lists? Why must we feel constrained to regiment our enjoyment or distaste into multiples of 5? Break free, my blogospheric friends. Break free.

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