Ah dear blog, its been too long.

No I didn’t die. I wasn’t shamed by Mikey’s article. I liked that a lot actually.

I’ve been busy. Too busy. I took 63 college kids to Atlanta and picked up the bar tab: 9 grand. Well…not me. My company did. After all the frivolity, I had to ride the bus back as chaperone. Last year I was one of those kids.

How times change.

Last year I was thinking about how awesome an open bar is. I was downing double jack and cokes quicker than NBC’s ratings slide. (Bad metaphor. Sorry. I’m rusty.) This year I’m thinking, ‘Holy shit. Sixty-three people who are my responsibility are downing jack and cokes faster than 18-34 yo males watch reruns on the #1 rated light night cable channel.

There was also a hospital involved. And some ass grabbing. I wan not involved in either.

After I got back from that, I was busy hanging with DeGraaf on the East Side. O man. If the lawyers would let me get into that.

I needed some time. And not like Dave Chappelle needs some time. I just moved my entire life. My job was kicking my ass. I was dying to write, but couldn’t bring myself to.

Today I took a ride in the official Oscar Mayer Weiner mobile. Life is good. It’s time to be back.

New col out tomorrow night.