I have made the decision not to shave my junk anymore unless in a relationship. The main reason behind this is I think it's hilarious when I pull my pants down during a one night stand and my fur burger leaps out at them like a caged tiger at the zoo. The girls facial expression is usually priceless. Also, none of these girls have ever just gotten up and walked out. If I ever came across a girl with pubes that reached for the sky, I'd roll over and go to sleep. That's just me though

You see my pubs have the ability to grow very long because I shaved them for the six years when I swam professionally. But now I'm just tired of shaving them. I mean, if at some point I find a girl worth shaving my pubes for, I won't mind because she's obviously doing something right. But some girl I know I'm either not going to call back or can't remember her name, what's the point? I'd actually prefer to run into her again and just feel the awkward tension between us. Well her feeling awkward and me just laughing.

But I have decided to get creative with my pubes styling. I'm going to with the classic jew fro, because it's way easier to maintain. I decided to mix it up though and I'm going for a ball mullet, or as some call it, the taint beard. Mainly I am going to take a curling iron to my nut and taint hair and straighten it, thus making an effective ball mullet.

There is a problem. I can't actually take a curling iron to my under area because I can't see down there. I don't trust using a mirror just because I have to think backwards, and curling irons are way to hot to be guessing when it comes to my junk. So I need someone to assist me in my endeavors. Any takers?

Song of the Day: What a Girl Wants by Christina Aguilera