Dear Chuck,

Hey thanks for the lift yesterday to work – Really appreicated that.

Is your phone line down right now? I'm trying to call you but it says the number isn't in service!? What's going on with that?

Anyways, the reason I'm emailing is because I need a favor from you. As you know, for the past couple years my son Drew and I square off to see who can out prank each other. I know you're probably thinking my kid is only 10 years old but this year he got me good – I had come home last month from work to find his “lifeless” body laying on the kitchen floor with his face covered in blood. Prank of the century if you ask me and of course with help from his mother. The “blood” was ketchup.

Payback time.

Basically I'm thinking this: We get you into a Santa Claus costume. We'll time our watches but at 1:00am come to the side door of the house and I'll let you in. Sharon is a very heavy sleeper so pulling this off won't be a problem.

So what we'll have you do is enter into Drew's bedroom and wake him up. He'll be all confused and shocked to see you, wondering “what is Santa doing in my house this early?”. Tell him he has been a special boy and you came to see him early to give him some early xmas presents.

At this point I will come bursting into the room with a knife and stab you in the chest. I got one of those fake knifes with the blood not too long ago at a joke shop and its perfect – Actually looks like the knife enters into you.

He should start to scream at this point and wake Sharon up….then the gig is up. But if he happens to stay quiet because he might be going into some kind of shock….keep playing along and I'll pretend to stab you several more times.

Get your phone working and I'll call you soon enough to confirm details.