From: Chaz {[email protected]}
To: Bobby {[email protected]}, Heather {[email protected]}, Johnny {[email protected]}
Sent: Monday, October 02, 2006 4:34 PM
Subject: Lets do this!

Hey Comedy Troupe!

Finally after a full year of auditioning….I finally got us our first GIG!!!…..well kind of.

As you guys know my sister for the past few years has been struggling with crack addiction and refuses to get help. Well just last night my parents told me this weekend we are going to have an intervention for her.

The interventionist dude just dropped by and told my folks and I a bunch of shit and we individually have to write a letter to her to “express our concerns and feelings”.

How depressing!

I was thinking what better way to lighten the mood up then to perform a surprise comedy sketch at the intervention!!

Okay here's the game plan:

The intervention is going down this Saturday – Holiday Inn in room 23 @ 1:30pm. I'll be in the room with my parents, the interventionist and my sister. I'll make sure to be the last one to enter that room to make sure the door is unlocked.

As we read our “letters” around the room, I'll be the last one to read mine. When its my turn, Heather, I want you to scream out in the hallway and then come bursting into our room. You will be pregnant wearing a dress. Johnny, you follow her in…you will be her husband. You will shout out if anyone here is a doctor because “my wife is having this baby RIGHT NOW!”

Suddenly, Heather you push out the baby and let it just flop out onto the floor.

It will be that stuffed Alien baby we bought a month ago at Walmart. The Alien baby will be covered in blood. Myself, Heather and Johnny will all scream at this horrific sight. I”ll shout out “What the fuck is that???”

Bobby, that's your cue to come into the room. You will be dressed as Jesus.

You will pick up the baby….look at my sister into her eyes and say: “Crack just doesn't kill you…but your unborn child too.” Look at the baby…then look back at my sister and say…

“He has your black eyes.”

During this time, Johnny, that will be your cue to get behind Jesus/Bobby and then to end the sketch, you will whip down his robe pants that will expose Jesus's TIGHT WHITE BRIEFS!!!

Then we'll all take a bow.

Pure gold guys!!

See you this Sat,