November 3rd, 1978

Sabrina, My Sun, My Life!

Woe! Woe! Woe! Three times, three times woe! How my heart and whole body aches! Where are you, my Love? You said you would write me everyday, yet I have not heard from you. Have you found someone else? Tell me his name and I will flay his face-skin, wearing it as a mask so you may love us both! Look, Sabrina, look at how jealous I’ve become! I ask after you in all the towns. If someone has seen you, I flog his family for looking upon your raw beauty without my eyes. If someone hasn’t, I flog his family for his ignorance of love’s true face.

Can’t you see, my dearest? I am a mess without you! Come back to me before I do something stupid.

Your Miserable Tyrant,


p.s. Sorry about threatening torture to your mother over the phone. It’s just, sometimes, she can be so condescending. It really unnerves me.
Call me, my pet. OK to reverse the charges.