Email from Nate at 7:06 p.m. on Friday, about four hours before the Cardinals won the World Series.

Hey Justin, isn't it great that, even if it's only for a few days, the Inferior League gets to rip on the Superior League for a change? I mean, I find that refreshing. The Superior League reps are obviously just doing a great job at being gracious hosts. I want to thank you all for tossing a game our way. No, seriously.

Last night, I watched the entire game in a bar (shocking, I know) and in that bar, the bartender girl asked the patrons if they wanted the volume for the game on, and a group of about eleven men took that opportunity to collectively bash Tim McCarver, leading to us all agreeing that we'd rather hear music. Now that, J-Reb is an influential broadcaster.

Kenny Rogers is on something. Maybe not steroids, but something.

My dad is genuinely pissed that Rogers doesn't get to pitch in St. Louis. I haven't heard him that mad since my last arrest.

I truly wish I was in St. Louis for Game 5. Of course, that's only because I'd be there for the last home game of the World Motherfucking Series. I mean, it's like 70 degrees here, right now.

All right, I just want to say a few things about this year's Cardinal team. I know it's been beaten into the ground, but nobody saw this post-season coming. Not the Ugly, the bad or the good. Every damn thing in this post season has been an out and out shock to Cardinal fans: the rookie-filled bullpen making it work, Jeff Weaver discovering competence on the mound, Molina finding it at the plate, LaRussa getting out managed in Game 4 and still winning (if we had lost, I would have roasted that dude into cinders, so it's probably for the best) and Pujols doing jack. It's weird. That's all I mean, I guess. It's weird (and yes, I'm a little drunk right now–don;t judge me).

Jesus, I hope the Cardinals win one of these next three games.

Anyway, to your health and all that.