My Best Orgasms, Part II
Subtitle: Promiscuous Teenage Naked Dry-humping (for fucking 3 years of waiting and getting no penetration!) ARGH.

I used to have this friend named Christina.

The reason I used the past tense in that opening statement just so happens to be the same reason it's my second best orgasm as well. This week, I think I'll put this in poetic form.

Ya see,
Christina lived down the street from me
from when I was eight
until an age appropri-ate
for this story to happen
(I don't remember,
get off my nuts).

Well, Christina was the kind of girl
who would hang out with only boys.

Except not a fucking butch!
(see: your highschool softball team's catcher; any female Rugby player; Simonne Cullen; a woman who can open a bottle of beer with her teeth)
She didn't even have short hair
but now we see
We all wanted to e
that nice pussy.
But, we were
That is, until I
shot it in her throat
gave her tongue a slimy coat
put her on a boat
of pure


she of course didn't know
whether to spit or to swallow

(long story short)*

so i pinched her nose shut
and gave her her first taste
of my nut.

(long story short)**

…restraining order.

The end.

Or is it?

*See Subtitle, ya fucking moron.
**As any warm-blooded male mammal would do…I left her when I went off to college.

(That's what I'm gettin at TN)