Guys? Are we really the slobs we're perceived to be or is the image of the “typical guy” a calculated plot to keep us down?

If there is a big conspiracy to keep the man down, we are probably doing it to ourselves. By “we” I mean those people who control media, advertising and culture, and by “doing it” I don't mean sex so put it back in your pants. Besides, I also said “ourselves.” Personally, I ain't no mountaineer.

Thanks to the cultural image of masculinity; men, males and guys in general have been relegated to “that guy” status. We clearly can't think for ourselves and have no self-control. If we weren't needed for the breeding process, we'd probably be long extinct by now.

Where did this “image” come from and what the hell are you talking about, Beech?

According to this article, art imitating life imitating art imitating something else = men being portrayed as idiots. This assumes that you allow me to refer to ads and commercials as ‘art,' but the point is that what we thought of as funny is actually degrading to our species.

This is not the first time a group has been accused of this. We finally get to join the ranks of African Americans, Native Americans and Latino Americans who have been stereotyped as a joke to sell something. The man now gets to fight the man…like in that cell phone commercial.

Dick Meyer discusses campaigns such as Bud Light's “Office Daredevil”, Volkswagon's “My Fast” saying:

In the modern guy ad, the guy must be portrayed as misogynistic, addicted, stupid, slobbish and mean — an oaf who should be repulsive to girls and all humans. You can find the exact same stereotype all over television comedy, movies and pop music, especially some strains of rap.

Some strains of rap” apparently have had their fill of hoes, bitches and sluts and have decided to make turnabout fair play and do their best to bring down the gender that is most often marked as having a penis.
Isn't it just our turn, men?

Equality is happening all around us. There is finally a Guys Gone Wild DVD series. For the record, I'm not scaling that peak, but fair is fair. Men all over the world have been getting boobies delivered to their
door for only $9.99, making Joseph Francis a very rich man. It's only fair that people can get guys showing their dongs in crystal-clear, mini-DV quality. In fact, I encourage the whole movement wholeheartedly, and if you're a guy, you should too because if people are starting to look at wieners again, it's good for all of us who have a schlong. If peckers come back into vogue there's a much better chance of yours getting seen by someone who wants to meet it.

So if you're an advertising or promotions major, first of all, switch your major to something you can actually make money with. Secondly, if you do choose to go into that field and you are currently a man and plan on remaining that way, remember that men are people too.

If you prick us, do we not bleed and pretend it doesn't hurt?
If we see a Hallmark commercial, do we not look away and pretend that we're emotionless?