hello and tank you everbodey for listtening to me

As you now my name is Lewis …as I write this I almost forgot my last namme Its Barns!!!!!!!

I'M here todday to talks to your highschool about thee danger of alcohol and its baaaaadddd effects. In 1998 i drank myself into a state where i permantelly damaged my brain. blah blah blah basically it comes down that my doc…and he's a real asshole……iii but he says i'm going to be drunk for the reest of my adult life. WHAT THE UFUCK!!!!! tHATS WHAT I WAS THINKING74373374444444444444 WHERE IS THE CAPS LOCK BUTTON?? but I didn't say it I did push him because i thougt he was lying Hes got a huge head by the way His head reminds me of my CCCCOCK!! HHUUGE! soory i'm trying to stay mature for my son

I knoww i shouldn't bE sayng cock infonrt of u all ut thats the problemo with todays society…u know? people never speake their mind any more it realllly pisses me off. society is like a burger… when your hungry…fucking eat it!!! Paris hilton is hot on the tv I was thinkkng the other day i want to stick my boner in her!!! NO LIE!!!!!!

alchol is bad! IM 35 YEARS OLD AND NOW I'M permantteately drunk because i drank too much many of you may ask thats cool Tedd. I want to be you!!! well no sir. sommeTIMES ITS FUNNAWESOME BUT HAHAHAH I KEEP HITTING THE CAPS BUTTON fuck i'm hammBONED!
as i type this “””””spech” out for BURGER KING GIVES ME THE


alchol is a serious deadly issue. I mean some times i miss things i cant do now. i cant drive i cant work except going to highschools to talk abut my conditon i cant GGGGG G-UNIT!!! my son told me to say that. I have a son hIM and i got drunk one night except i didnt drink cuz i don't have to no more and he played me some of that muSICK. not going to lie kiddies. i hated it. but I LOVE MY SON SO MUCH> iT HURTS ME TO THINK ABUT ANYTHING BAD HAPPENING TO HIM. I swear i will kill you if u hurt him think i'm lying? i once stabbedd a guy for no reason except his girlfriend was ugly

Class of 07…your furture is now u little fucks. dont drink. but. smoke. it. if. u. got. it! just joking. my apartment STINKS