My name’s Gretchen and I live at 1228 Feldling Drive, Brisbane, CA.

I’ve got a 12-pack of Pabst and my underwear off—first one through this door gets some poon.


p.s. There may be an honorable mention awarded.


Hi! This is for Katrina. My name’s Jacques. We met in the elevator at the Doubletree Hotel in Seattle, Washington. On our “ride” to the lobby, you said seductively you were “always happy to be going down,” to which I coolly remarked that I couldn’t wait till we were “finally on your floor.” Then I farted, and—I’m pretty sure—ruined the mood. Mulligan?



Woman for Man:

This is for the well-dressed, handsome 50 yr old downed by a heart attack near Saks Fifth Avenue. You looked cute; did you make it? If so, give me a call—I’ll be gentle.

Meredith 202-747-91–