How much does it suck to be Christian Slater? He hasn't had a hit in years and now he has to go to court for grabbing some woman's ass on the street. There was a time that most women would have given a arm for that. Oh how the mighty have fallen. STORY

I guess I've done stupider things, but this is way up there: Contestants Break Bones Chasing Cheese – Yahoo! News

Miss Universe is from Canada, eh? Ms. Glebova (originally from Russia) accepted the award with tears in her eyes saying, ‘In Russia, all you had to do to win a pageant was have all your teeth.' Also worth noting is the ‘outrage' these beautiful women have sparked when they were photographed in Buddhist temples. Wouldn't that outrage be very counter-productive to that whole inner peace thing? Ah well, what do I know? STORY

Notice to British military: please wear underwear when you go to the tailor. No one wants to see your balls. Is this really something that needs to be said?

Paris is marrying Paris. My mind is so blown by this that I have no idea what to say. Then there's the whole burger commercial thing too.