This is for a George Mendes (sp?): My wife and I picked you up from the corner of Van Buren and 12th Street last weekend, and we took you home so you could have sex with my wife while I watched from the shadows. Thing is, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. I mean, was there some kind of spark between us or what?
Anyway, having a bit of trouble finding you (do you guys have your own specific corner or something?), but can’t wait to see you again (whether it’s you and my wife again or just us this time, it doesn’t matter to me—I’ll take you anyway I can get you).

Call my cell if you want a hot meal.

Larry (602)838-64–

To the woman outside O’Kane’s who told me I had a terrible view of women:
Do you mind sending another one along, and I’ll try taking a look at her?

–Jacob McNamara (boo-ya, bitch!)

m4w: Hey, this is for Krystal. Yesterday, I purchased the Executive Lap Dance from you over at The Greedy Beaver on Briar and Chestnut (almost did nut on your chest, te-he-he). During the “show” we talked a little about John Maynard Keynes and then mostly about nipple pasties. Anyway, I think there’s some great chemistry between us. What’s say we go dutch over some lunch?

Gregory (917) 318-32–

p.s. Wear something a bit more appropriate, please.

p.p.s. Although you're still welcomed to grind me.