Before I say a few words about Lloyd's passing. I think it would be wise that we first sit back and remember the good times.

(play Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison – wait for song to end)

That was his favorite song.

Lloyd was my best friend. He was also a man who loved life…especially comedy. We always used to joke around and put on skits for our friends.

(Look over at Lloyd in open casket)

What do you say buddy? One last time?

(put on party hat, grab a beer and stradle Lloyd in casket)

Hey buddy, wake up, you're missing the party!! (shake him) Lloyd buddy, wake the fuck up man, you can't be passed out yet!! The party just got started!! (look over at Joyce) Dude, Joyce just showed up and she's hammered!!! (slap him across the face) Lloyd? Dude!? (look around room pretending to see if anyone is looking – then pull out Lloyds wallet and take the cash.)

I'd like to obviously dedicate that skit to Lloyd. And just like us right now, I know where ever he is, he's laughing out loud. And hopefully getting laid. (give evil eyes to Joyce)

I think right now the big question is why did God take Lloyd away from us at such a young age? We'll never know. And all we can do is keep living our own lives and celebrate the good times that Lloyd gave us. I know if Lloyd was with us today he'd want us to be strong and keep living life to the fullest.

(Kill the lights – put on a Lloyd face mask – turn back on lights)
Be Strong and Keep living life to the fullest!
(kill lights, take off face mask, turn lights back on)

See people – Lloyd might be dead, but in our minds he still lives on. I love you buddy.

Thank you and just a quick FYI: there's going to be a gathering at my house tonite to celebrate Lloyd's life.

Please bring your own POISON, sorry…really bad pun (pause for laughter)… and I've hired a couple clowns for the kids.