So, this isn't really my story, but let's pretend it is. The scene is, I'm at the bar with one of my Korean buddies ShyBoy, who's no stranger to, um, ladies of the night.

KC: Wait, dude, you've been to a prostitute?

SHYBOY: A what?

KC: A lady that bangs you for money. Um, bangs means sexy joy.

SHYBOY: Oh, a whore. Yes, many. You?

KC: No, not really my style, but I admire the honesty of it all.

SHYBOY: You doesn't have the whores in USA?

KC: Yeah, we do.

SHYBOY: Why don't you go?

KC: It's really dirty, and really skuzzy.

SHYBOY: USA sounds shitty.

KC: Parts of it are, but we have strip clubs.

SHYBOY: What's that?

KC: You go to this building, and you pay a little money to get in, and you see all these girls dancing…

SHYBOY: You fuck them?

KC: No. You see these dancing girls, then you give them some money, and they do a little dance for you and take their clothes off.

SHYBOY: Oh, then you fuck them?

KC: Um, no.

SHYBOY: Keep talk.

KC: So, if you really like this girl, you can pay some extra money and go to the champagne room. Where they sell you a really shitty bottle of champagne but it's really overpriced and you get a really good private dance.

SHYBOY: Oh, now is when you fuck!

KC: Not really.

SHYBOY: So when do you fuck them?

KC: Hmm. You don't really.

SHYBOY: So these naked girls is very cheap?

KC: Um, not really. It's actually really expensive. 


SHYBOY: What is reason?

KC: Um, maybe to see naked girls.

SHYBOY: Why not just go to the Thailand or Korea and fuck them?

KC: I, for some reason, don't have an answer for that.

SHYBOY: USA sounds very stupid. I spend many moneys to see a naked girl, but don't fuck her?

KC: You're right. Strip clubs are stupid.

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