Ia, Insectivores!

Your Entomological Word of the Day:

Phallo-Blaster**- Colloquial name for a Vesica Everter, a hand-held device (naturally invented in Australia, where our men, due to a combination of isolation and alcohol, often must mate with any species available) with which the entomologist pumps 100-proof alcohol into the genitalia of a specimen (sometimes a moth or butterfly; more often an arachnid, such as a spider or scorpion), to inflate the creature's species-unique genitals and aid in identification. It helps if the arachnid is dead, or at least very heavily anaesthetized first—the last thing you want to deal with is an irate Sydney Funnel-Web spider waking up and finding a strange scientist injecting booze into its cock.

I am an Aussie entomologist, but I did not invent the Phallo-Blaster, although I am working on scaling up a model for frat boy use—why bother having drunken hate sex with that TA from Applied Bee Linguistics when you can cut out the middle man (or woman) and just fuck the booze itself?!

**Also a sweet name for an all-gay death-metal band.

Before 2000, Scientists had to Phallo-Blast arachnids the hard way: