Brazil has been awarded the right to host the 2014 World Cup. Which, if you've been following the race, is not surprising, considering facts reflected in mainstream news headlines like “Brazil, the only candidate, awarded right to host 2014 World Cup.”

I went to see the World Cup in Germany last year (a soccer experience forever defined by my friend Sankeerth and I getting drunk for the USA-Ghana game and then celebrating too crazily and falling into the people's seats below us when the US scored its only goal of the Cup), and I plan on going to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

With the Brazil announcement, however, it may be the first time I've ever begun planning a trip 7 years in advance. The last time I even thought of anything 7 years in advance was when I was 14.

You know, for a second I almost thought I had the video of us falling down, but then I remembered it was the people behind us who filmed that. It's weird seeing an instant replay of your drunken blooper on camera right after it happens while you're still drunk. I should have got that guy's email address.

Oh well, here's a clip I dug up of us walking to the Cup in Nuremberg. Apparently, some of my dead drunk giveaways are: laughing like a cartoon character, making fun of people, staring at toys, employing the use of sarcasm, and burping on camera. You've been there, right?