About six months ago I found myself spending a lot of time in my car because I had to drive a half an hour to work. Spending a lot of time on the same roads going to the same place takes a toll on someone mentally. I always had to psych myself up to leave for work after class, and after awhile I had to get really high in order to drive to work. Until one magical day.

I found myself smiling as the sun beamed in through my windshield. I had my windows down and I was enjoying the summer. I was screaming along to an A Static Lullaby CD and enjoying the joint I had smoked before I left my house. In my carefree state I turned my head and glanced out the window, when she caught my eye. She was a really cute emo girl. She had a sexy lip piercing and a full sleeve tattoo on her arm and she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Out of no where, she glanced over at me and we made eye contact. In my relaxed state, instead of looking away I blew her a kiss.

The smile on her face made my high intensify really quick. It was exciting. It was a subconscious smile, like her brain had not processed what I had done but instinct told her to smile. An innocent, no bullshit smile. The sexiest smile a girl can produce if you ask me. We drove past each other and I’ve never seen that girl again. I still hope I will run into her one day and she might remember me and I’ll ask her to marry me on the spot. I of course know this will never happen and am okay with that. What it has taught me is that this is a perfect chance for a conversation starter.

I’ve been blowing kisses to girls in cars ever since. If you’re cute enough to catch my eye, and we make eye contact, I’ll blow you a kiss from my car in the hopes that I run into you within a week of said kiss blowing. I figure you’ll at least be intrigued enough to talk to the guy who blew you a kiss one day. So far I’ve never run into any of these girls, but I can keep dreaming, right? If I ever do run into one I’ll let you know how it works out.