Ringing phones used to really bother me. Anytime a phone was ringing anywhere it would drive me crazy until someone answered it.

Now, I don't care. Sometimes I dont even care when my phone is ringing. That's because of ringtones. Sure you can set a ringtone so that when your woman calls, it plays “Slave 4 You,” but they're useful in the reverse as well. I can set ringtones for people that I dont want to talk to and whenever “Jingle Bell Rock” plays, i know its that ex-skank and I refuse to answer it.

Its not always a badd idea to leave exes' numbers in your phone because then you know not to answer when they call. Unless you're the type of person who will get wasted and call them trying to relive old times.

I'm not. There's a reason we're not dating anymore and it's prolly because you're a super-bitch.

On a side note, I had Sonic for the first time ever in my life. I am now a happy man. There were always commercials for Sonic in Michigan…but no Sonics. In my new home in St. Louie, they actually have the feast-food places that pay to show commericals locally. Who woudl have thought?