My new production internship (one of two that's not paying me) is particularly time consuming… if you consider a 14-hour day time consuming. I consider it far more than that. Even Father Time would be like “Fuck This, I don't have all day. I have to pick up my kids” Don't tell anyone but I hear he groans and strains to get it up and when he finally does strike one, it only lasts a minute.

Being the ambitious youngster that I am, *GLEAMING SMILE* I often get frustrated when I reach a point in my life which feels like I'm “idling.” I need to be doing, creating, making something to make me feel like life isn't passing me by while I fill up for gas (again being used up for my job that won't even compensate for it). Ironically enough I think I feel OLD at 20.

Something not helped by the fact that I can't hear the Mosquito.

So here are some of the things that I WISH I had more time for:

A Column- Believe me kiddos, I miss The Hard Way more than you (which presumes that you do in the first place). Well let me tell you something, who cares if you don't care. Hell, I don't care more. In fact, I don't even care how much I don't care.

Which is why I really care, and miss the column. (this is a cry for help, urge me to write again, and I just might have to)

A Script- Screenplays are a very fun, and very laborious, task. I took a class which spent an entire semester writing and revising a feature length script. Now I fear that not only will I not have the initiative to finish editing the first, neither will I have the brass… fasteners to bind that script (something every screenwriter needs.) Also I need some balls if I want to start another, which I do.

A Beard- What are you talking about? That face rug is at hobo level 5! That's true. But what's not true is that level 5 is the last boss on Beard. If you know the cheat code you can get to level 6 with infinite lives and bighead mode.

What I really mean is just that I wish hair grew faster, or even better on command. OR EVEN BETTER TIME WARNER BEARD ON DEMAND! PLAY… FF… RW your beard at the push of a button!

I just want to be able to alternate between Wooly Mammoth and Baby's Nipple like *That*

This Blog- I know, it kinda sucks. It's like he's half pouring out his heart, and half making jokes? I don't get it. Is he reaching out to us as equals or trying to gain a fanbase? I don't know.

A Movie- I made videos my freshman year in college. Oh, how I lament falling out of touch with that habit. They were my most creative, spontaneous, fun, and purely expressive work yet. I get to make some in classes, so I look forward to that, but I still wish I could goof around with a video camera some more.

A Movie- My recent Netflix subscription has proven to be quite the delicacy of fine cinematic treats that do not cost 3.50 for a measly box. Everytime I get around to watching one, it's time to go to bed already, and I have to put it off.

A Guitar- Two to be exact. Electric and Acoustic. One of my fave things about college is just the lounge time, strumming away. I'm not very good, but I'd like to be, and wish I had just a TEENSY bit more time to practice, learn, and bone groupies. It's just like so hard, sometimes I have to choose between practicing and boning groupies, and that's just like robbing from yourself. Do you invest in your ability to play and attract future groupies, or take all your Slut capital and cash it out in one night of ORGY. To the rockstar educated in finance, it's quite the dilemma.

Speaking of which, if you want to fool yourself that you're good at guitar, Guitar Hero is the best hallucinogen on the market. Kick-ass video game in which you use a special guitar controller to rock out to DDR-esque gameplay. Go buy it.

But first finish the orgy, groupie.

An Open Mic- I started going somewhat regularly to open mic's. But once again i'm “off.” It's quite amazing when you realize your dream job in the 7th grade. It's quite frustrating, however, when 7 years later, you're still having to put it aside for a while.

An Open Mike- who explores new possibilites, stopping to smell the roses. Seriously, I can't even finish my bio lab, much less have the time to experiment with homosexuality (I hear that it reacts with the elements of Christianitate and Rightwingium to form Acidic Hatred)

God, science is so BORON.