Finally those Brits have slid beneath us. The US, king of all the stats that suck and stories of horribleness, was not the location of this story which is linked below.

I know kids are starting to “do it” earlier and earlier. Some of the trendier hospitals in NY and LA have already begun post-natal sex-ed classes with infants, prompting Trojan and Fisher Price to form a joint venture and release the “My First Condom” line.

“We just want them to be safe and be fully informed of their decision,” said Jane McDoodlebody of Planned Parenthood Infant.

myself was a big V until I turned 20, and even though it was the only time I've even been with a lady, I was glad I waited. I certainly wasn't mature enough at 19 years 11 months and 31 days, but these are different times, apparently in London, where a 13 yo girl gave birth to a child of her own after complaining that her stomach was feeling “a bit dodgy,” which to Americans, means that feeling where you have to take a crap, but it's just not happening.

Apparently the girl was a bit of a chubby-choo. Sure she's a growing young lady, but didn't anybody notice when she started showing at several months? Ah the Brits, who knows with them?

Teenager gives birth to surprise baby – Yahoo! News