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Firstname Current City
Chris Parent Zurich, Switzerland
Zack Goncz Youngstown, OH
Madame Zooble Yonkers, Ny
Donald Unger Worcester, MA
Marcy Campbell Wooster, OH
Geoffrey Asmus Woodbury, MN
Lauren Morris Winter Park, FL
Ash Davis Winnsboro, TX
The Man Winnipeg
Cathy Herbert Winnipeg
Christian Harrington Winchester, MA
Keri Kelly Wildwood Crest, New Jersey
Zac Goodall Wichita
Samuel Vargo Wherever I am, that's the best I can tell you....
Benjamin Alpert Westwood, NJ
Leah Douglass Westbrook
John Marcher West Rockport, Maine
Terry Heyman West Chester, PA
Jake Christie Washington, ME
Emily Denny Washington, DC
Kenny Torrella Washington, DC
Garrett Schlichte Washington, DC
Clint Lohse Washington, DC
Fredrick Martyn Washington, DC
Sean Keady Washington, DC
Justine Hipsky Washington, DC
Kate Anderson Washington, DC
Anthony DeThomas Washington, DC
Tahirah Alexander Green Washington, DC
Bobbie Armstrong Washington, D.C.
Bobbie Armstrong Washington, D.C.
Joanna Lazuli Washington, D.C.
Jordan Call Washington, D.C.
Eena Ruffini washington
Lawrence Doyle Washington
Fugly Slut Warri, Nigeria
Stephen Statler Walnut Creek
Glen Gair Wales, UK
Walter Bowne Voorhees, NJ
Ace Dixon Vancouver, BC
Joseph Stilwell Vancouver, BC
Jackson Chow Vancouver
Paul Alexander Vancouver
Meisha Rosenberg Upstate New York
Josh Wann Tulsa
Eric Simon Tucson, AZ
Scotty Jenkins Tucker
Crad Kilodney Toronto, Ontario
Paul Hardie Toronto, Canada
Jesse McLean Toronto
Kristen Pyszczyk Toronto
Ross Bullen Toronto
Michael Ralph Toronto
Jane Churchill-Smith Toronto
Rick Brown Toronto
Eli Burnstein Toronto
Clare Blackwood Toronto
Ryan Lester Toronto
Aaron Chown Toronto
Giulia De Vita Toronto
Ashley Geiger Toledo, Ohio
Julian Asange The Sweden
Kevin Jiang The Mariana Trench (above Cthulhu, below Cyber-Elvis's submarine)
Aabye-Gayle F. The Epicenter, New York
Jimmy Pudge The ATL
Mike Gursky THE A (Allentown, PA)
Jerry Landry Tawas City, MI
Cara Rothenberg Tarrytown, NY
Carrie Pinkard Tampa, Florida
Nathan DeGraaf Tampa, FL by way of St. Louis, MO
Alex Deniz Tampa, FL
Connor Stonesifer Tampa
Adam Bakst Tampa
Marc Escudie Tampa
Steven Demmler Tampa
Jonathan Arlan Tallinn
Hayden Church Tallahassee
Hannah Eklund Sydney
Glenn Orgias Sydney
Hayley Noble Sydney
Harry Davies Sydney
John Lazarus Suzhou, China
Nick Moose Super Ohio Town, Ohio
Gregory Alesso Sunnyvale, CA
Joe Cabello Sunnyvale
Justin Courter Sunnyside
Sarah Juliet Stonington, CT
J.B. Hour State College, PA
Laurie Spielvogel State College
Ross Murray Stanstead, Quebec, Canada
Mo Burns St. Louis
Patrick Lawlor Spring Lake Heights
David Silly Sppa City, NC
Brie Stimson Spokane, WA
Bryanna Pavlish Spokane, WA
Mitchell Russell Spokane, WA
Steve Lewis South Wales
David Baker South Orange, NJ
Randy Robbins South Florida
Aaron Judd Somewhere, Abroad
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