Make $$$ at your school:

Sell “TICKET-FIGHTER” Parking Hangtags!

Need a little extra cash at school? If you said “no” you're a fucking idiot! Who doesn't want extra cash, even if you're NOT in school!! That was the stupidest question I've ever asked! So listen, here's the deal: first, you send out the form email provided below and start making $5 at a time. Then, you go sell weed to eighth-graders at the nearest middle school. Okay, no, really: first, you send out the form email below to your school's online classifieds, or even put it in your school newspaper. You take a bunch of orders at the beginning of the semester, make some half-ass hangtags with a stencil, and setup a pickup/payment point on campus. Voila. You've cheated your school, saved money for other students, and pocketed some easy cash. (Note to self: script infomercial to air right after Girls Gone Wild)

Why pay over $300 for a parking pass, when you could get a “Ticket-Fighter” Hangtag for only $5??

That's a savings of over $295!! WOW!
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These sturdy, unofficial replicas are made of heavy-duty cardboard for extra stiffness and reliability. They are also double-sided for 360 degree protection!

Each order is completely color-customized and text-specific for your zoning needs.

Better yet, if you reply within the next two days, we'll throw in an additional hangtag with the phrase “If you're this close, why don't you just write me a ticket!” for those days when you feel especially bold about sticking it to The Man!

So what are you waiting for?! Order yours today!

To order, please reply to this email with your desired text and color preferences and we'll send you an email later concerning pickup and payment for your novelty hangtag.