1. This is a coin I found in the jar where I put my spare change. It says “quarter dollar on it.” That is why they call them quarters—because it is a “quarter” or one-fourth of a dollar, in other words, 25 cents.
  2. This particular 25 cent piece will allow me to buy a small town newspaper today.
  3. I found this quarter on the ground. Free money! I seriously thought about quitting my job when this happened.
  4. Here is another quarter. Remember when you could use one of these to make a phone call? The world is changing, friends!
  5. I asked a coin collector if he’d ever seen this quarter before. “Like, this specific quarter?” she asked. “Or a widely-circulated, American 25-cent coin in general? “Specifically, this coin stamped with a minting date of 1994.” She wasn’t sure why I was asking.
  6. This is a Canadian quarter and was erroneously given to me as change. I keep it in my safe and will bring it with me should I ever make my way up to Canada.
  7. This quarter was the one I flipped to decide who got first possession in a basketball game I played with my friend, Dennis. I won the coin toss! (I did not win the game. Dennis is a very good basketball player.)
  8. This is a roll of quarters. I got it at the bank. It is $10 worth of quarters, which I believe is 40 quarters in all, if my math is correct.
  9. I rolled this roll of quarters myself, and it was the first time I’d ever done that, so I had a hard time with it. The label says it’s $10 worth of quarters but there’s probably $8.75 here, max, not counting a dime or two that probably slipped in.
  10. This quarter has a president on it. I am not sure which one. Benjamin Franklin maybe?
  11. Here is a framed map of the United States with a quarter-shaped slot over each state where you can put all of those official state quarters. Wyoming is missing. Do you have Wyoming?
  12. Here are three extra Utah quarters. I am willing to trade one, two, or even all three of them for a Wyoming. Please contact me.
  13. I thought this was a quarter but it’s actually a POG. I traded it to my friend Dennis for a real quarter.
  14. Dennis gave me this quarter, but it’s actually an old Dave and Buster’s game token. They don’t use tokens anymore, but I put this in my safe should they ever decide to return to that system.
  15. This quarter was issued the year I was born. I didn’t have it back then, but I acquired it later. You can be sure this one stays in the safe and only comes out for a few minutes on my birthday.