Here at Doritos, we’re flavor innovators. Spice scientists. Champions of the chip. We’re all about disrupting the snack industry with unique combinations that get your taste buds talking. Meet our latest offerings, and get ready for your mouth chemistry to be royally screwed up for five to seven days.

Flamin’ Fava Bean

Not familiar with our friend the fava bean? The fava is an unsung hero—the George Harrison, the Michelle Williams, the Kevin Jonas of beans. Give this underappreciated legume the attention it deserves by enjoying some Flamin’ Fava Bean Doritos, seasoned with coriander and a hint of nutmeg to keep your tongue on its toes.

Raging Ratatouille Ranchero

We’ve improved this classic French dish by adding hot habanero and spicy chiles for a snack you're sure to adore! Plus don’t you just love that cute little rat named Remy? Ratatouille was actually the first movie my wife (well, ex-wife now) and I saw together. Anywho, grab a bag of Raging Ratatouille Ranchero. Your gums will scream out in pleasure and pain!

Molten Lava Lollipop

Transport yourself back to an old-timey candy shop with Molten Lava Lollipop. Sprinkled with cinnamon spice and cumin, it’s a nostalgic treat with a surprising kick. Your saliva will turn scarlet red and white plumes of smoke will billow out of your ears, nose, and eyes, but that’s how you know it’s a quality chip.

Blow-You-Away Butterscotch Dill Diablo

You might be thinking, “Butterscotch and dill? Odd combo.” Think again, my friend. Unexpected things work well together, kind of like me and my ex, Janeen. She was the butterscotch to my dill. Or maybe she was the dill and I was the butterscotch? Hm. I should reach out and get her thoughts on this.


Salt, pepper, and loads of smoked paprika. Simple, but scrumptious!

Picante Peanut Butter Pickle

Sweet and salty, anyone? Picante Peanut Butter Pickle will satisfy all your cravings, even the totally bizarre ones, like a creamy nut butter atop a vinegar and mustard seed-soaked cucumber. Keep it crunchin’, you flavor freaks! Janeen actually ate Jif and Vlasic Zesty Dill Spears when she was pregnant with our son, Lucas. If we were still living together, I would bring her home some of these, for old times’ sake. You know what? I’m just going to send her a bag. I have her work address.

Hot Hot Hollandaise

Everyone’s favorite sauce now in chip form! Hot Hot Hollandaise has a triple dose of cayenne for a thoroughly throat-scorching encounter. (Pair with original Egg if you’re feeling eggstra.)

S’moldering S’mores

A summertime favorite, classic s’mores are undoubtedly iconic—but think of all the work involved! The chocolate, the graham crackers, the marshmallows, the sharp sticks that Lucas used to stab me with while running around the fire pit yelling “Eat dirt, Larry!” God, I miss that little stinker, even if he does refuse to call me dad for some weird reason. What was I saying? Oh. Skip the hassle and grab some S’moldering S’mores on your next grocery run. You’ll be drooling for days.

Jalapeño Ice

You’d think these would cool you down, but you’d be wrong. Jalapeño Ice is so cold it’s hot. Continue with caution, chip champ.

Taste Bud Torching Apple Torte

Have the fire department on standby for this one, because it’s sure to set your mouth ablaze! A fruit dessert Dorito is not something you asked for, but it’s something you definitely want. Sometimes you don’t know what you want until it’s right in front of you, or until it’s walking out the door yelling “Do not contact me, Larry! It’s over. For good this time!” Oh Janeen, I’m so sorry. I was a total fool! Give me one more chance. I would do anything to get you back. I’ll bring Luke to tee ball practice! I’ll make dinner! I’ll pick my socks up off the floor! I’ll even quit my dream job at Doritos, produced by Frito-Lay, a wholly owned subsidiary of PepsiCo, if that’s what you want. I’ll do it right now! I’m not even happy here. They make me sample all the flavors and I haven’t been able to feel my tongue since the spring of 2018. It’s like permanent Novocaine and I’m legit concerned, babe!

You’re-Going-to-Die Grilled Shrimp Gazpacho

This flavor has been linked to five deaths and three major injuries. The warning is in the name, so we can’t be held liable–

My god, what am I even saying?! Don’t eat this chip! There are so many beautiful things to live for! I’m on my way, Janeen! I love you!