An Instagram DM Conversation Between Sally and a Random Guy from Her College

An Instagram DM Conversation Between Sally And A Random Guy From Her College sprung to life when Sally uploaded a picture of her dog on her Instagram story, and a dude with the Instagram handle @dogsforlife sent her a DM message: “so cute.”

Despite its hopeful life, this conversation died as soon as Sally overanalyzed the message and convinced herself that this guy had a crush on her. It was brutally murdered before Sally had a chance to respond. Sally is sad to announce that there will be no memorial service, for this conversation’s life is not worth celebrating.

Condolences are encouraged and may be sent to Sally’s email: [email protected].

A Text Message Conversation Between Max and His Best Friend from High School

This conversation experienced many deaths. It first passed away when Max and his best friend from high school, Kate, went to college. Returning home for winter break, Max attempted to revive this conversation by texting Kate to hang out, but it died a second time after Kate responded, “no thx.” It was not officially resurrected until spring break, when Kate, out of excruciating boredom, texted Max, “sup?” Even though Max didn’t really want to see Kate because he was afraid she had transformed into a cooler person during her time at college, he replied, “sure.” And, just like that, this conversation was saved. Unfortunately, this conversation suffered its final death when both Max and Kate found real jobs and transitioned to LinkedIn messaging.

By the time this happened, however, neither Max nor Kate remembered each other’s name.

A Small Talk Conversation Between Kate and Her Therapist

This conversation was born on January 10th, 2021 at 4:30 PM after Kate visited Trader Joe’s and bumped into Dr. Morris, her therapist. Kate, not knowing what to say, complimented Dr. Morris on her outfit, and without hesitation, Dr. Morris said, “Oh, my sweatpants? I wear them every day. Are you ok, Kate?” At this moment, there was a pause so deadly and so painful that this conversation had a stroke and died. Needless to say, it passed away uncomfortably.

It is survived by Kate’s embarrassment and her wish to not be such an awkward person around middle-aged women. Dr. Morris was and still is oblivious to this dead conversation and hopes Kate is doing well. In fact, she insists Kate book another therapy appointment.

A Zoom-Call-Job-Interview Conversation Between Chris and His Recruiter

A Zoom-Call-Job-Interview Conversation Between Chris And His Recruiter faced a quick and sudden death when Chris accidentally shared his computer screen. The recruiter first clenched her jaw when she saw the 100 browser tabs open on Google Chrome and then gasped when she noticed a folder on the desktop with the title, “JUST GIVE ME A JOB.” Once Chris realized his mistake, it was too late. This conversation was dead.

There will be a memorial service on January 15th, 2021 at 5:00 PM EST. Chris, still unemployed, will be too busy looking for a job and crying from shame to attend the service, but everyone else is welcome to join.

A Dinner Conversation Between Nicole and Her Family

A Dinner Conversation Between Nicole And Her Family was five seconds old at the time of its death. Nicole’s mom asked the family, “So, how’s everyone doing?” and this conversation just died. To this day, no one in Nicole’s family except Nicole’s mom is quite sure if this conversation even existed. Don’t even bother asking them; they will be too distracted playing Animal Crossing to respond.