Krazy Keychain Advisory Board

Hotel Transylvania 3 Project Launch Meeting Minutes
424 East 15th St, Conference Room P

Board Members:

Present: Chairman Grayson Carver, Patrick Gorson, James Nelson, Emily Swanson
Others Present:
Art Department: Abigail Brown
Factory Personnel: Manager Alyssa McQueen, Henry Durham, Donald Jones, Adam O’Donnell


  • Proceedings called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Chairman Grayson Carver.
  • Last month’s meeting minutes amended and approved.

Chief Executive’s Report provided by Grayson Carver:

  • Announced initiative to produce 500,000 Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation themed keychains in association with Sony Entertainment and AMC Theaters to be given away at theaters and marketing events.
  • Reminded all present that keychains are an essential resource that not only promote high-quality products, but also bring joy to individuals that receive them.
  • Shared learnings from the marketing conference in Tampa:
    • Warned of potential market share threat from promoters placing advertisements in fortune cookies.
    • Reiterated that keychains are still at the top of the food-chain when it comes to corporate giveaways and product merchandising.

Art Department Presentation provided by Abigail Brown:

  • Presented 6 different Hotel Transylvania 3 themed keychain designs:
    • Drac — Head of Count Dracula
    • Frank — Head of Frankenstein
    • Wayne — Head of Wayne the werewolf
    • Murray — Full body of Murray the mummy
    • Bat — Just a bat, but if anyone asks this is Mavis since we didn’t make any female character designs.
    • Blobby — Full body of Blobby the blob
  • Thanked the board for bringing her on to this project and assured all present that this was her life’s work and a good use of her M.F.A.

Factory Concerns:

  • Factory worker Adam O’Donnell questioned the need for 500,000 Hotel Transylvania 3 keychains, as surely neither AMC theaters nor Sony Entertainment could possibly give away that many keychains.
    • Chairman Carver addressed this by proclaiming that keychains are indispensable, to which O’Donnell responded, “If keychains are indispensable then people already have keychains,” to which Carver replied, “You can never have enough keychains.”
    • Board member Emily Swanson added, “If people don’t get enough keychains, where are they supposed to keep their keys?”
  • Factory manager Alyssa McQueen suggested cutting down the number of designs from 6 to 4, as this would save the company up to 25% in manufacturing cost.
    • Board member Patrick Gorson responded that the number of designs would increase customer satisfaction and also ensure higher “collectability value” and then reminded everyone that keychains never lose their value.
    • Factory worker Henry Durham asked, “What do you mean keychains never lose their value?” To which Gorson shook his head and said, “You just worry about making the keychains, let us worry about the market.”
    • Factory worker Donald Jones voiced support for McQueen also expressing concern at the number of designs, at which point Art Director Brown chimed in saying that she had already made the design molds, prompting Chairman Carver to clap his hands and say, “I guess that’s that.”
  • McQueen brought up safety concerns carried over from last month’s meeting regarding cracks in seven of the vats used for storing and transporting hot liquid metal.
    • Board member James Nelson suggested using melted metal from other vats to fill in the cracks of the cracked vats so that once they cooled they would basically be brand new vats, to which McQueen responded, “That’s not how that works, that’s not how that works at all,” at which point Carver banged his tiny gavel keychain on the table and proclaimed the factory concern portion of the meeting adjourned.

Other Business:

  • Board member Swanson reminded all present that there were two birthdays coming up next month and presented factory manager McQueen with a $25 Baskin Robbins gift card to be used for a factory-wide celebration.

Assessment of Meeting:

  • Chairman Carver noted that the meeting was five minutes ahead of schedule, declared this to be a success and the present board members voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 10:25 a.m.