Hey! Can anyone recommend a doctor that has availability tomorrow after 1 PM but before 4? Looking for an ENT that once practiced in Oklahoma but now practices in New York. Manhattan to be specific. I need the doctor to be familiar, but sophisticated. Also, they should wear glasses. I like to feel like the doctor can see me.

Can someone recommend a train that will get me to Grand Central Station at exactly 9:24 AM? Trying to plan ahead here. Which is the best car to sit in so that I’m right near the correct exit stairwell and which side should I sit on so that I have a great view of the river? Oh, and where is the best place to buy train tickets? Can anyone suggest a coupon code?

I also need a good place to get a birthday present for a five-year-old who loves snakes. Do you have any recommendations for something yellow that is slime but not slime? I need somewhere that will wrap and deliver it in under an hour to me on the top end of the train platform.

Can anyone recommend a dog walker for when I’m in the city? One that doesn’t mind pit bulls who bite?

While I’m in the city, I’m going to need to eat. So can anyone DM me with a good place to order a burger that doesn’t have any cow image decorations anywhere? Preferably somewhere with good seating and a bathroom. I’m going to hang out there for a while until my appointment. Or do you recommend I come in later? On second thought, can anyone recommend a vegan place that serves good chicken on the bone in case I get grossed out and can’t eat the burger? And, what’s a good pharmacy to use in case I’m allergic to the seasoning and break out in hives and need Zyrtec? Or do you recommend Benadryl?

@JackJ have you personally used that dog walker you recommended?

Can someone please recommend a different place for the birthday present? The place @LilyLils suggested has drones that can deliver to the top of train platforms, but their drones don’t fly to the Valley Stream stop. It would be helpful if the drone could fly over my house and take a picture so that I can check that I closed the front door. Please don’t recommend Amazon, I don’t want to support Bezos.

Did anyone know of any drone delivery places? Nobody responded to that part of my last message.

Looking for a recommendation for an expert who can tell me if I have squirrels in my attic or if the furry thing is a possum. They need to come at noon on the day that I’m going into the city. I don’t want to be around when they kill it. And I don’t want anyone to know that I had rodents in my house—normally I don’t stand for the killing of living creatures, no matter the size or type. So can anyone recommend a way to make this post anonymous?

Before I head to the train, what do you think I should take with me? Should I bring a whistle to hail a cab? Or would a flute be better? Should I bring hydrogen peroxide to sterilize door knobs? Do stores in the city accept traveler’s checks? Should I bring a carryall with a padlock to store purchases? Is it rainier in the city? Should bring an umbrella? Can anyone recommend an umbrella that doesn’t invert in high winds? Can anyone recommend a coat with many pockets? One that will fit three phones, a wallet, and a book. Coming to think of it, I need a good novel to read on the train I like thrillers that do not have any guns. I'm open to any and all ideas.

Thanks for all the doctor recommendations, but I should have been more specific. I was looking for a woman doctor. Can anyone recommend one?