Godwin’s Law states that as an online discussion grows longer eventually someone will reference Adolf Hitler or the Nazis, effectively ending the discussion. Dogwin’s Law states that as an online discussion grows longer eventually someone will reference the children’s character Clifford the Big Red Dog, effectively ending the discussion.

Disagreement over Facebook relationship status update

Stacy Perry is now in a relationship with Dave Dimbler.

Sharon Keats: Congrats Hun!

Vivian Pemberly: I saw this coming from a mile away! Best couple Eva!

Rob Stevens: That’s odd, I seem to remember her in a relationship with
someone else like two seconds ago. Evan Flint

Adam Dimbler: Hey buddy, why don’t you mind your own damn business

Rob Stevens: I’m not your buddy and maybe you should have given those
words of wisdom to Dave before he got involved with someone who was
ALREADY in a relationship.

Vivian Pemberly: Adam just ignore him, he’s not worth your time, TRUST ME.

Rob Stevens: Adam just ignore her, she’s fucking crazy, TRUST ME.

Vivian Pemberly: What the hell is wrong with you “Buddy.” Stacy can date
whoever she wants, it’s her own fucking life!

Rob Stevens: Thx 4 calling me buddy even tho I asked you not to.
“No means Yes” I guess. Is that what they taught you at those liberal,
rape culture colleges? Or is it that you guys want too be my “fuck buddies?”
Well no offense but I didn’t even click on your profile pictuer, it was
ugly enough as a thumbnail. PASS! And sorry I had the audacity to stick up
for my friend in the same way Emily Elizabeth sticks up for Clifford the
Big Red Dog, no matter how many times he screws up!

Reddit forum discussing which Hemsworth brother is more attractive

Obviously Liam.

As a proud member of the pro-Chris camp I’d love if you’d elaborate.

In the meantime I’ll expand on my reasons: Chris is playful, silly, yet ruggedly handsome—an approachable man’s man, if you will. You’d want to bring him home to the parents. While both brothers are chiseled af, one of them is Thor (literally a God), and the other is not.

Fun fact: Liam lost out on the part of Thor to Chris. Point to the elder Hemsworth!

Thanks for backing me up, u/stinkypeas232. You da real mvp.

Not OP but, IMO, Chris’ Godliness is the very quality that makes him less relatable. While he’s busy saving the universe in the MCU, Liam remains the approachable Hemsworth back on Earth.

In my book Liam loses points for dating Miley

Dare I say she…came in like a wrecking ball

Can confirm. Balls wrecked. Miley was here.

Relevant username

Tbh they’re the same…

You novice. You fool. Christopher and Liam only appear the same to the uninitiated. It’s like saying Cabernet Sauvignon is the same as Bordeaux. At first glance, sure, there’s plenty of similarities—who cares, what’s the difference—but, oh child, you have so much to learn. It’s all in the subtleties, the full-bodied experience. Chris’ extra 7 years give him such wisdom that when he speaks, the world listens. His maturity seeps into every facet of his being. And young Liam. He’s worthy of our admiration too. He’s a man in stature, but a fun-loving boy in nature. While Chris likes privacy, Liam likes the limelight; he likes to keep things interesting—his relationship with Ms. Cyrus is the obvious example. And there’s nothing wrong with that. There is a place for both brothers, but they are certainly not the same.

TD;LR: I would make sweet vino love to either, just depends what I’m pairing it with.

Guys, the obvious answer here is Luke Hemsworth.

TIL. I thought you were joking but there actually is another Hemsworth!

Mfw finding out Luke Hemsworth exists is like when I realized Kel from Kenen and Kel voiced T-bone from Clifford the Big Red Dog…

President Trump and a 13-year-old girl’s Twitter spat:

Lizzy Jones @Lizzywithawhy13
@RealDonaldTrump Russia may have helped you “beat” Hillary, but I still know there will someday be a female president whether you like it or not. Who knows, maybe it will be me? #Imstillwithher

Donald J. Trump @RealDonaldTrump
@Lizzywithawhy13 Russia is FAKE NEWS and no one serius thinks they helped me historically crush crooked hillary. Everyone knows you are wrong here. Sad!

Donald J. Trump @RealDonaldTrump
@Lizzywithawhy13 There should be a girl president but too bad crooked Hillary set “the ladies” back decades. See what happened to pocohontas in the primaries. Hillary was weak and my voters wanted someone strong like me! Look at all I’ve done!!

Donald J. Trump @RealDonaldTrump
@Lizzywithawhy13 There is something wrong with our country when innocent little girls such as yourself are more focused on politics than makeup and dresses! The liberal media and their CRUSADERS continue to corrupt the youth! Ivanka and my other daughter grew up watching Caillou and Clifford the Big Red Dog, now look at them!!!