Mallory found herself extra booby today. Her boobs were always considered perky and large. The nipples were like CD-ROMS, perfectly circular, and any man could see themselves in them. Her boobs had grown weary as they had not be respected, properly.

“Who out there knows how to pleasure these boobs,” she cried, as women are known to do.

“All I want to do is get my titties fucked. Fucked extra hard in my titty clitoris, which exists!” Just then, a man knocked on her door. It was a gentle, but firm knock that implied sexual prowess. If that knock was just from his fist, imagine the knocking power of his thunder. Mallory took her boobs and ran to the door. They bounced like two basketballs during a game where you’re allowed to use two basketballs.

Mallory opened the door, her hand gripped the knob, but she knew she wanted a different knob.

“Hello,” said the man on the other side of the door, “my name is Mark I’m your new neighbor.”

Mark was nothing special to look at. He is constantly passed over by women because of his plain, and unassuming demeanor. Mallory saw right through this. She saw the pure sexuality that other women were too self-absorbed to see. She needed to experience what could only be the purest form of pleasure to ever exist on this Earth.

“Won’t you come in,” she whispered, hoping he would soon be cumming in. Mark entered and removed his shoes. This house was about to be dirty, but not from shoes. Mallory let out a moan “mmm I love a man with manners.”

Mark was different from most men. He had an unspoken bond with boobs. He had a boobability. He could sense when boobs have not been rightfully pleasured. Normally Mark is respectful and waits until the third date to use his skills. These boobs, however, were in dire need of attention.

“Your boobs have spoken,” he said, “I would like to take care of them in a sexy way.” Mallory was impressed. For too long men have been too shy to be direct about the needs of her boobs.

“Spin them like a clock,” she screamed as her robe fell to the floor.

Mark grabbed each boob and began to squeeze. With each squeeze, Mallory moaned louder than she had ever moaned. The walls were shaking with her moans, as was she. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore.

“FUCK MY TIT CLIT!” Mark took out his pulsing member and put it between her grateful boobs. His thrusts shook them like a Polaroid picture (hey ya). Mallory was paralyzed by the pleasure. She did not realize what Mark had in store for her. Not only was he an expert in boob pleasure, but he knew his way around the lady cave.

“My boobability has seen that your tit clit has grown weary. Let me make my way down to your lower clit, which is not a tit.” The mere thought of Mark entering her made her cum harder than any man had ever made her cum.

“Please,” she begged “I am so weary. I have cum so much from you!” Mark had a coy smile as if to say “I’m not finished with you yet.”

What he actually said was “I’m not finished with you yet.”

Mark made himself at home inside of Mallory’s swollen vulva. Though, of course, everyone’s first home is inside of a swollen vulva. He found the clitoris immediately and started to thrust. His thrusts were confident and far more experienced than his age seemed to suggest. He was a mere man of 25, while Mallory was 40, at least, but Mark knew better than to ask. With each thrust, Mallory came. Thrust. Cum. Thrust. Cum. Thrust. Cum. THRUST. CUM. THRUST. CUM.

“I AM YOUR TOASTER STRUDEL! COVER ME WITH YOUR FROSTING,” she exclaimed with pleasure never before experienced by anyone in the history of time. Mark knew her boobs begged for his cum. They always do. Boobs love cum.

“Your wish is my command,” he said as he unloaded his pastry dick cannon onto her heaving bosom. Then he got dressed and left.

Mallory awoke the next day a new woman. Was Mark ever really there or was this an overwhelming fantasy from Mallory’s boobs? Just then, a knock, his knock. So it begins again.