Doing Acid at a Kanye West Concert

Kanye West Concert

All my friends have left, and I am alone in a crowd with 20,000 other people. I could care less though. I've been waiting two hours for this, and I'm not about to leave what promises to be the greatest failure I have ever seen.

The crowd is antsy, as am I, because I have acid flowing through my veins. I'm not talking battery acid, like an obscure fight club reference, I'm talking about a tiny little ten dollar pill that promises six hours of fun. It started to take effect about two hours ago. The stars started dancing during the Phil Lesh and friends performance, and I could see patterns in the grass and trees that never existed.

A friend of mine told me it was going to be a religious experience, that my world was going to be flipped upside down and I would never be the same. For just ten dollars, your world can be distorted forever. You'll meet god if you want; your brain will think in new ways and you'll become creative, maybe even enlightened.

At this point, the grass has turned purple and I am seeing pentagrams in the trees. A man walked up to me and asked me who was supposed to be on stage. At the time, I heard none of this. I looked at him with my gaping pupils, and he backed up. I took a step at him, and asked him to repeat himself, and even through the cadence I could tell nothing audible left my mouth. He quickly made himself part of the crowd again and I spun staggered towards the stage. This must be what Hunter S. Thompson felt like in Vegas. People are always trying to talk to you at the most inconvenient times.

I'm not even sure what I expected to happen. He was supposed to be here, and the giant TV screen keeps saying he'll be on in 15 minutes. This was a half an hour ago. I can't take it anymore. My hallucinations have become full-blown. My vision is completely blurred out. I keep putting my hands to my face and shaking my head like that kid from Home Alone. I'd scream, but I don't need the attention. Then, the field goes pitch black. I expect to hear cheers, but all I hear is booing. An electronic voice comes on, telling Mr. West he's crash landed. Then the lights start flashing.

I have no clue where I am, and I think the world is ending. Lasers are shooting at me from the stage, and Kanye West is there, dancing and singing like a 14-year-old girl. I couldn't believe it. The functioning part of my brain, the left side, wanted me to leave, knowing that this was the worst musical act in existence, but the drug-induced right side of my brain just wanted to dance. It wanted to tell everyone in the area that this was the greatest thing to ever happen here at Bonnaroo, and that they should stop booing.

I was in the minority. Here I am, a 21-year-old college kid who thought it would be a good idea to take acid for a Kayne West concert, and there they are, 20,000 of the whitest people I have ever seen, staring directly at me. They're staring at me because I am screaming. I am screaming at the top of my lungs. My left brain has merged with the right and I have no control over anything. I'm screaming, "I'm tripping balls and you're terrible right now!!!" I'm screaming it, over and over again. Everyone is staring at me. For a second, I thought the act had stopped altogether, and Kayne West was staring me down, with all his rich kid fury.

So I turned around and tried to run. But when the grass is purple and the stars are moving at a blinding pace in a gray post-apocalyptic sky, it's hard. So I walked. Not even at a fast pace. I walked right past all these judgmental eyes. I had to get back to my tent, and I knew it was 20 minutes away. It's very hard to stand up straight and walk, let alone not cry while peaking on acid.

I saw a cop on a horse and I thought I was about to shit my pants. Not because of the cop, but because I haven't crapped in two days. Then the word shit got stuck in my head on loop.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

It's the most fascinating word in my vocabulary. The cop looks at me, and I look back, absorbing him into my black hole pupils. I veer at him and he stops his horse, but I stagger right by and into the porta-potty. I can feel him staring at me through the door. I expect him to bust in and find me here, pants down, shitting in the urinal section of the box shitter. I then decide to take a piss in the section made for pooping, and I realize I am pissing slime, not urine. It looks like a solid material pouring from my dong. I panic, thinking I picked up some weird disease from shitting in a urinal.

My pants aren't even pulled up and I bust out the door, finding myself alone. The cop and his behemoth horse are gone. I can't even see any other concert goers. I stagger to my tent, and lay inside, watching the dew evaporate from my tent. I wouldn't sleep for the next 30 hours.

I think the moral of this story is that Kayne West is a terrible artist, even when you're on acid. At least that's what I'm taking from it. Next time I'll get Jay-Z tickets.

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Kudos to you for choosing a somewhat refreshing subject. Sometimes it seems as if the majority of the articles on this website limit themseleves to booze, weed, and girls. Thank you for bringing acid into the picture, but not only that, but with Kanye West involved.

I do have to say, while an interesting piece, I felt as if you could have gone further with this to make it better crafted. You're readers understand that you are on acid at a Kany West concert, and instead of just describing your acid experience, perhaps you could have put it into a larger context than just your experience. I.E. you could have ragged on Kanye more. There is so much information in this piece to make it so much more than a narrative if you so choose to do so.

In short, anyone can describe their drug experience but a good part of writing means putting it into a context. You have so much material here, just use it better.

Sorry for being a jackass, but I hate to see so much potential wasted.

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It's perfectly fine, I love criticism. You could have told me the article was straight garbage and I would respect that.

This article was straight garbage.

"People are always trying to talk to you at the most incontinent times"

Incontinent? Invonvenient perhaps?


"Incontinent? Invonvenient perhaps? Cock."

Haha, correction fail. Muphry's Law strikes again!

now that's some funny shit

i stumbled upon the wikipedia page for muphry's law not 10 minutes before stumbling upon this thread. crazy.

also, kanye is the cock.

Seems almost like a mushroom trip. Ignore these other fucks on this page. They're just jealous you were at Bonnaroo.

You used i.e. wrong you mean to use e.g. i.e means: also known as *usually followed by one word* not "for example." Before you try to sound literate you should check yourself.

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Dude, felt like I was there. Could have been a little more descriptive for those who haven't yet had similar experiences.


Yay for acid making EVERYTHING an adventure - even something as frightfully boring & painful as a Kanye West concert. Entertaining piece - thanks for sharing!! :-D

Yo man I saw Kanye under similar circumstance although it was shrooms not acid and I completly understand every feeling you just described. It was one of the craziest times of my life because every aspect of that concert from buildup till crashing anti-climatic end was insane. I spent the entire wait trying to convice everyone that it was ok and that Kanye was going to be awesome and that booing was not going to help but combating a field full of pissed off fucked up people is diffcult especially when you are trying to convince them to stay postive about somone they are there to hate anyway. Even though i danced and screamed and sang the whole time, I could understand the feelings of resentment towards Kanye. I just think its great that somone can, through words and actions, liken themselves to the second coming of christ, and get a crowd of 80,000 people, many of whom would never listen to him, saying his name for days to come no matter how negative the comments are after word.

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Yeah, I tried to convince my friends to stay but they left me there like assholes. I'm just glad that I am not the only one who does hallucinogenics at awkward times then tries to act like a functioning human being.

It really is the best part of doing acid.

COMPLETELY agree. Acid is great because you've basically been turned into a primal beast, trying to relearn and reassess basic functions such as swallowing (which is fucking weird on LSD). Great piece, loved every line.

I went to Kanye's show at the U of A. Some chick on speed was going crazy and completely out of her mind screaming for Kanye to come. I was thinking what the fuck is wrong with her then decided to loudly say "I heard his plane got stuck in LA and he can't make it tonight". She looked at me like I'd just said her mother had been killed, was on the verge of tears, then her friend whispered something to her along the lines of "You fucking retard, he's joking". Then she got pissed and told me to fuck off. When he finally got on stage a few hours later, she tried to rush the stage and touch him. She didn't even make it halfway before getting grabbed by security and missing the rest of the show. I nearly cracked a rib laughing as she was carried out crying and thrashing.

dude, doing hallucinogenics at awkward times is the only fucking thing that makes life slightly entertaining, well that and getting blow jobs on ferris wheels @ amusement parks ..wheres the amusement without a blow job anyway?

that just about sums up self-transcendence in a nutshell.

This is great. Absolutely hilarious! And you my friend Mr Gillespie, are very hot.

I don' t know how I got here, but I was coming down and stumbled upon your piece; laughed my ass off and had to pick it up half way through. Eat, drink, and be merry!

lmfao. wow that was hilarious. "i'm tripping balls and your terrible right now!!!" LOL

oh man i can totally relate to that..only substitute a Kanye concert with "wandering around campus with a friend and subsequently drinking with a fat dude who we proceeded to do terrible things to after he passed out on a couch. also, mexican food tasted like curry

Well my friend. I have been to every Bonnaroo, minus the journey you attended last year. After downing copious amounts of the psilosibyn, watching 30,000 faces melt can be somewhat of an ominous and ass-clenching experience. What is it about mushrooms and acid that make me panic into taking a dump? Perhaps it's the whole food-poisoning aspect of the shrooms and the uncontrollable vision quest that is acid. I must, like many have, give you kudos on your bravery in this matter and will 100% agree that Kanye West is a sham; no matter HOW many hot women shake their asses to his "hits". Great post.

People are always trying to talk to you at the most "incontinent" times... so people where trying to talk to you while you pissed yourself?

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Ah, The perks of Microsoft Word trying to guess what word you meant. I missed this when I proofread. Inconvenient was the word
I was looking for.

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Oh, that's my bad, I thought you actually MEANT "incontinent," as a pun or something. Like people always try to talk to you when you're drunk and have to pee.

I was also there and also tripping balls on acid. I however, made the unfortunate mistake of taking it, going to Pearl Jam, checking out a few small acts, and then waiting 4 hours for Kanye... little bit of a buzz kill. Needless to say, Kanye sucks.

haha, dude was this at bonnaroo? thats so fucking funny. i was tripping for my first time too, i had a pretty bad trip. kanye did suck.

wow! I did drugs, too, when I was younger, but this is just so immature - have you actually thought about what these things do to (and, of course, FOR) you beforehand? Obviously not, to me it seems like a "I-wanna-do-what-college-douches-write-home (or "in-their-blog"?)-about" kind of thing to do.

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I'll make sure I put this in the scrap book of my life just for you.

lol, what a douchebag comment to make. I repeat, DOUCHEBAG

kanye west totally sucks ass. hooray for the internet revolution- send those record companies out of business if this is the shit they are going to feed us. he is so very very bad. puke:O

lol at chuck palahniuk metaphors!

Some can enjoy acid...for people like myself, it's the scariest fucking thing EVER! Yes, I agree, peeing is weird on acid...but try SEX!

Kanye west is horrible, so unoriginal.

at least the acid made it fun =]

6 hours? 6 hours?!? My friend, weak acid. Try 18. Try rapidly hallucinating for 12 of that. Try hearing the most beautiful, indescribable music bubbling up out of nowhere only to look at your friend and have him say, "The music isn't real."

Trying looking over in your mind's eye and seeing a door in the wall, with a faceless man in a suit standing in front of it holding out a pulsating tab and hearing a voice unlike any voice you've ever heard before:

"Would you like to trip again?"

Dude i was there for Phil Lesh then went to see Kanye. After waiting an hour all of us said fuck this and walked around pod 9 exploring. I found a church... We ended up humming the pink panther theme song the whole way back to our good old pod 1. where we promptly ate some mushrooms and made fun of our few sourly disappionted friend that decided to stay and see him while watching the sunrise. We didnt sleep that night.

1. Acid isn't sold in pill form. It hasn't been sold that way in 40 years.
2. Acid lasts for 9-12 hours, not 6.
3. Your experience sounds like fiction written by someone who has never had a psychedelic experience, but has read enough about them to lie semi-convincingly.

twas my first thought too. an acid pill?? wtf.

dude, "That Guy" is soooo dumb. lol. you obviously know nothing about drugs today. bhahahaha, not sold in pill form for 40 years? hahahahahahahahahahah

Exactly... if anything he rolled, and problably smoked bud too, that will make you semi hallucinate, nothing like acid though.... and as far as acid lasting 6 -12 hours, thats the main effects, you can keep having little trips for over a week...

Can I ask a question as a first timer if I were to drop acid 12/8 hours before a plane ride would you recommend it still and would I be fine?

Is this a serious comment? Cuz uh... I'm pretty sure you could put acid in just about anything. If you can put it on blotter paper or a sugar cube, why the fuck not a pill? Jackass comment, like several others in this thread. So many haters...

i had the same exact experience at an Aphrodesia performance. they played as a stage setter for BUCKETHEAD. i was trippin balls. it was amazing. i definitely felt the same way about everyone- even the band- staring me down and commenting about my every move. i stumbled back to my campsite that was in the woods (we were at nelson's ledges, ohio) and i felt like the band had continued to harass me all the way until i made it to my tent. where i watched the sun float around the sky from within my tent, and the music just getting more crazy trippy confusing (if you dont know what I'm talking about, listen to Aphrodesia). yeah. so i know exactly where you are coming from with pretty much this entire story. (in retrospect, it's pretty hilarious you had that experience, is it not? :-P)

deemsters and kanye is where it's at

yo anyone who has ever done hallucinogens or psychedelics can completely relate to this guy. This is probably the funniest story I have ever read, and YES IT IS TRUE THAT PEOPLE TALK TO YOU AT THE MOST INCONVENIENT TIMES!!! Hunter S. Thompson is God, and this story must have been a great experience.

Hunter would kill you for calling him god.

I have to say, that was one of the funniest things I have read in a long time.

The post above mentioned something semi-accurate; acid isn't in pill form anymore (or at least none I've come across).

Regardless, I still laughed from start to finish. Well done.
I would never, ever choose to see a Kanye West show on cid though. Every time I've been on acid around a black person they've turned into the Grim Reaper; even a small 5 foot even black friend of mine. It's not surfacing hidden racist feelings (to anyone who may read this and posts something similar); I think it's based off a childhood experience where a black friend dressed up like that for Halloween.
My point, however, was that seeing a black guy on stage surrounded by lasers and his minions cheering for him would've been the most terrifying experience of my life on acid.

Touche for sitting through any of that concert. Kanye's a scrub.

wow. I am so sorry you had to go through that.

There is no way someone judged you from trippin at Bonnaroo. Everyone there is fucked up on something. I passed out in my tent before Kanye, but I heard he was a major let down. Oh and for the shitting, we just went in the woods every morning. Beats the hell out of those nasty urinals.

you wouldn't lose control like that from one hit.


looking for spam?

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I know acid doesn't come in pill form, It's easier than typing it's a little piece of blotter paper... Acid comes in different forms, I'm well aware of that.
Also, I was talking about when I started feeling it and when it ended. Who gives a fuck about the last couple of hours where I didn't trip and walked around waiting to pass out.
Acid has different strengths values like every other drug, and in this story I ate three good hits and went to town.
Also, I love spam and if you have an interesting tripping story tell me, I love hearing about them.

Last time I ate cid (cept this year's camp bisco) I was at my brother-in-law's bachelor party. Let me first add that my friends and I are veterans of the scene, but my BIL is not. He had been to a few Phish shows and has seen his share of partying, but it had been several years since he had got down. He only had a few friends from back home come up so I invited a few mutual friends to come out with us and my wife would DD all night in a party van. We started getting drunk early and had reservations at Dave and Busters near Chicago. We got there and had a game room and an awesome waitress. She hooked us up big time and exceeded all of our expectations;^)

After about 4 hours or so we were all way too drunk to be in public. We had these over-mic'd blotters (toenails) floating around and we all decided it was time to fly. I should say that with these particular blotters, you were fucked if you looked at them wrong. A tiny piece was gooood. We all ate at least 2-3 each...I don't quite recall.....Next thing I remember is playing a 3-D bowling game and sweating my dick off. My beers were still going down like water and all the activity in the room became one sonic mesh of rhythmic bliss. I was blazing my dick off in the middle of Dave and Busters laughing hysterically with my best friend while 3-D bowling on "expert." This memory will never leave me. We had unlimited everything, a beautiful flirty waitress who let us do anything, beer, a DD....but it wasn't enough....we needed titties, and the waitress nor my wife was going to strip for us.

So we headed for Palatine to a full BYOB nudey bar called Dancers. The ride was full of trace music and blissful smoothness. Heading to a full nude bar with my wife was kinda bugging me out though. I know she just wanted to keep us safe and she doesn't care what the fuck I really do, so why do I care? I just didn't know what to expect I guess. None of us did!

When we got there, we all jump outta the van and go take a leak....It was pretty funny. Our coolers still had cold beer and here we were!! We walk inside and it was one of those "PLING..they all know we're blazin!!" things. Two big black guys were running the front and my wife is up there wheelin and dealin...trying to figure it all out. Suddenly he says "Gentlemen, feel free to come in and out with a cup and make sure you tip our females...enjoy"

We filled up our cups, went inside, and got down to some Phil Collins...."WHAT?!? Phil Collins?" "She's dancing to Phil Collins?"
'It's another day for you and me, paradise'
I must say her expressions were awfully dramatic, perhaps she deserved a few bucks for artistry? I tossed a few bucks on stage and she ignored it...My friends laughed..I felt awkward. Then the next thing I remember is turning around and seeing the only blondy asking me if I wanted a dance...How could I say no? I obliged and we walked hand in hand (right past my wife who just got back in) into the back room. She asked about our party and I actually told her we were all tripping....It totally bugged her out. "You're not going to freak out and shit are you?"
I told her " smell too good."
As she laughed and awkwardly got undressed I realized the other women dancing in the room. They were way hotter than mine and suddenly she pulls my chin towards her and tells me to pay attention. I said I like variety and I was sorry. She smelled like cantaloupe, my favorite I told her that as her nipple rubbed across my lips. After the dance I went back to our spot, watched some fucked up shit for a while and then went outside with my wife to puff. We decided that shit was getting too fucked up and expensive, so we should perhaps call it a night.

We go inside and round up the crew, but the bachelor was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. He had been missing for a long time...really don't recall seeing him before the incident..
We figure he's in back doing some yak or something and low and behold, he was. He comes out with this girl who is pulling him by the shirt. "He's in trouble!"
We're all like what????
He owes me alotto money.
How much?
We all laughed and he just looked like a ball of confusion.
He had been gone for 20 songs and god knows what happened. We had pooled up the cash as another gift..stupid ass...I hope he reads this one day..too bad he can't recall anything but "we were talking."

whatta foo

dude ur a fucking pussy, yeah kanye sucks but no man ur making it sound like acids a terrible thing. last time i took lsd i took 4 hits and tripped like a fucking banger at the mall, and before that i tripped 10 hits. acids a wonderful thing and u should be the happiest person on earth no all terrified and paranoid like ur dumbass

"I know acid doesn't come in pill form, It's easier than typing it's a little piece of blotter paper..."

Complete bullshit. "I dropped a tab" "I took a hit" "I took some blotter paper" it's all as long as "I ate the pill"... Anyone who's actually done LSD would not refer to it as a pill, it's like saying i just ate a cigarette. It's completely inaccurate, and your a fool for trying to pass off a fake drug experience as fact. For people interested in real information about any drug, visit

Wow@ all these haters. Ragging on someone because he called acid a pill, and referring him to erowid makes me YOU are a jackass. Erowid is where 14 year olds go to learn about drugs and lie to their friends about them. This was an awesome story, don't listen to these freakin' morons. I'm gonna go smoke some whiskey and snort some weed. Try not to waste too much time criticizing me for it.

I definitely do not believe that this was a genuine trip. The pill thing is definitely a big red flag in my mind. As well as how you described your trip.. i just don't think it happened, and your story wasn't very good. I guess high-school pot heads and persons uneducated about LSD might believe this, but I don't. Also is easily the best source on all drugs- make sure to check out the experience vaults for a great read...

I think that this was really well written. I even laughed a few times, and definitely enjoyed reading it. :)

I was at the same show. I had left maybe ten minutes before he went on. It's nice to know that I didn't miss much. I was sick the duration of the festival. Sucks, but you just got to keep trucking, I suppose.

This seems like the same experience I probably would have had, considering all the meds I was on. Sinus, pain, weed, and beer. I didn't have the guts to take a hit of LSD while being so sick. I'd done that before once, and the following 12 hours proved quite weird.

It's probably safe to say that I am no longer insane after an experience like that. Welcome Aboard! Next stop: Further!

hey guy, LSD doesn't come in pill form very often, and normally duration of LSD is about 12 hours. If it only lasted 6 hours, and was in a pill, i'm pretty sure you just took MDMA. Find some real acid and go take it in a forest or in nature or some psychedelic concert. kanye west is not a good choice

Dude, what are you talking about? 90% of Bonnaroo is fucked up the entire time lol. You weren't the minority. And acid's not a pill, but that's besides the point...

The newbs are all over this shit. Yes, it is highly unlikely that you're going to find he++y LSD crystal on lot, but to say ACID DOESN'T COME IN A PILL IS IGNORANT.

Summer tour, 1997 (phish)

I got a thumb-print that rocked my world for 2 days.
Kid dumped it out of a pill....SO?!?

Crystal LSD is very dense and not easily mistaken for other chemicals. My guy had them in clear pills, like molly. A tenth of molly doesn't take up half the space as a 10th of LSD.

Hell, this kid may have gotten into some research chemicals for all we know. But to say "acid doesn't come in pills just shows your newbage."


wow this site really attracts some morons, huh?

let me clear something up for all of the idiots tripping over themselves to shoot holes in this not very hard to believe story.

1. Acid can come in whatever form you fucking want it to. You can drop LSD on spree, skittles, mentos, an aspirin pill, whatever you want. So saying you took an "acid pill" is, um, pretty fucking obvious if someone dropped it on a pill of some sort.

2. I'm tired of all these retards that come out and claim "acid lasts this long" like if you take theres only one dosage possible. You can take a small enough dose that you'll only feel it for a few short hours. You can take enough for it to last days. How hard is this to understand?

This was highly amusing! :)

dude hate to break it to you, but a pill that lasts for 6 hours is not acid, it's ecstacy - likely some combo of mdma, mda, meth, 2cb, other research chemicals, etc etc. lsd is not a pill and lasts much longer. nice story though.

rap music in general was very weird to me while i was tripping...

my stand-by's for an acid trip:
my girlfriend/trip partner
the mars volta
animal collective
cattle decapitation {albeit a weird choice, i found that it gave me equally awesome and evil visuals}
sketch book
colored pencils/markers/paints
light sticks/glow sticks [not in the rave sense]
i also found that a lit cigarette could and did entertain me for hours[obviously not the same cig, but you get the picture]. nothing like staring at the visual trails of a red hot cherry, or tracing the cig in the air making all sorts of crazy animals and whatever else my mind showed me ..

but, the last time i tripped, there was a walking stick mating frenzy going on, so that was crazy as hell, and was quite entertaining.

and to all the people trying to correct everyone and their mother, it doesnt matter. its not worth it. if youve done acid, then you know. if you havnt, then you dont. simple as that.

shits crazy.

jerk off your ego a little more. acid and kanye west? what the fuck were you expecting?

I'm suprised you did'nt come away from it a Kayne west fan, not much music i havent "felt" while on acid - guess KW really is just canned commercial garbage...

Amusing story regarding your acid experience. My trip was quite a bit different, but hey.. The three all varied so who's to say depending on the person as well as the amount. First time I took acid was at a rave (cliche I know) but it was a RIIIIIDICULOUSSSS experience. It was in the midst of four or five pills.. And I didn't even remember eating the two blots until four o clock am when edc (LA) was wrapping up. The visuals kept me in a dead stare, whether it was the fabric on the back of the headrest in front of me.. The cherry on my 27, the afgan blanket tossed across my couch.. Or the fairy flier handed to me as I left the venue that morning. I could hardly hold a conversation - not due to a lack of current Intelligence - but because I was so damn visually stimulated! I could go on for hours about my experiences... But I agree with a previous post about lingering effects. I call it getting mindfucked. I don't know if its just because I am now capable of acknowledging the visual effects.. But I feel like sometimes I see the patterns. (Usually in a week to two following my trip.) Anyhow, funny story. My experiences were quite a bit different (and geez again.. Acknowledging a previous post.. Sex on acid?? Eek. Don't reccomend it.) But anyways keep the stories coming they crack me up.

hahaha amazing, sounds more like my first mush trip tho - cant wait to try acid !

Ahhh haha I loved this! 2009 was my first roo experience. this is the funniest thing i've read in weeks!

dude, i'm pretty sure you weren't the only one on acid..

Ok, I have to ask. I've done acid twice before, wasn't that strong, didn't trip that hard and I was, for the most, part at home and alone. However, in 4 days, I'm going to an MGMT concert, and I've managed to secure some acid. It may be stronger than what I've tried before, there's really no way of knowing.

My question is, do you think it'd be alright to take the acid so I have the trip during the concert? I have alot of experience with weed, and I'm like the Morgan Freeman of sobering up (meaning no one notices I'm high). I will be with some friends, and I may or may not let them know I'm taking it.

Your advice?

Wow well first mistake was the kanye obviously, you should've went to gwar or something cool like that. Secondly your friend sold it to you like a fucking hippy its a drug it will do one thing and thats distort how your brain reads and relays things. Acid is pretty cool but you gotta keep that mind that you ARE on a drug and the it will be over soon. Funny to come across this article for i shall be doing 3 hits tomorrow.

But if this was your first time, trust me its worse with mushrooms.

oh yeah and public places terrible to be on acid everyone talks to you then and wants to be friends.

Kudos for experiencing things first hand instead of just coming to the conclusion everyone knows that its bad.

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I love everything about this article. I do agree that it could have been longer, though. The insanity stops just short of being epic.

I once saw Marilyn Manson (years ago) on mushrooms. I don't like Marilyn Manson, but my girlfriend at the time did so I figured, what the hell. The strangest thing was the crowd. Three guys dressed like the crow and a 300 pound goth tranny were among the highlights. And for the record I have never researched drugs on any website. Anyone who tries to fact-check a drug story based on articles about drugs has nothing useful to bring to the conversation.

i ate an acid sweet tart at a kanye show once and it was great. guess i'm the only kanye fan here...

This reminds me of Coachella when I was on Acid watching kanye, I also was on acid to watch cee-lo green get the power shut down on him and kicked off stage for sucking hahaha