Top 10 College Party Themes

Try one of these original ideas to make your next college party one to remember.

You’re sitting there, it’s a Wednesday night, and for some reason you are reading my article rather than getting shitface drunk. It’s all good, because either Friday or Saturday night is your big night. You need to throw down, and throw down mother fucking hard. And the best way to really get shit legit and bumpin’ is with a theme party. There are tons of themes out there but you should always strive for originality. Oh, and your party needs to be awesome.

ABC college theme party idea

Now, may I suggest the top 10 party themes that you can throw to guarantee a fun time, a blackout evening, and most importantly, multiple mistakes:

10. Biker Hoes and Bicycle Bros

Some people really might not expect a biker ho and bicycle bro party to be that entertaining. Let me disagree with you right away and inform you that this party theme is golden—well it’s mostly black leather and spandex, but that’s all good. Women must arrive at the party dressed as biker ho’s while men must show up as bicyclists, as closely resembling Lance Armstrong as possible (except with two nuts).

What comes out of the party?

You and your boys get to dress scantily clad in spandex, revealing so much and yet so little at the same time, and you get drunk while wearing helmets. Everyone wins!

And, because girls are dressed as closely to biker dykes as possible, lesbian experimentation is pretty much inevitable. Once again, everyone wins!

Blackout party guests who choose to accelerate the process by artificial means will be praised for their blind dedication.

9. Blackout or Get Out

This theme is pretty simple. Upon arrival at the door each guest must either shotgun 10 beers consecutively or rip up to 10 shots (preferably of 151). If the person can still feel their limbs, 2 more beers or 2 more shots must be administered.

Why is this party so fun?

Well, everyone is guaranteed to stay at the party (at least I hope). The real reason it will be so fun is because it will be an ultimate shit show. An essential element to this party is more alcohol past the entrance. A warning though: if you throw this party, be ready for some major fucking clean up in the morning.

8. The Who Party

Not named after the band, rather “who” as in who are you. You can take this theme one of two ways.

First, you can make the guests dress up as a famous person in history. For example, women can show up as sexy George Washington, sexy Abe Lincoln, sexy Ulysses S. Grant, sexy Emily Dickenson, sexy Martin Luther King Jr., and so on. Guys can go as either JFK or Larry Bird. Neither male costume can be sexy, for that shall result in immediate expulsion from the party.

The other way to operate The Who Party is to have all your friends dress as one of their friends. This allows for some great reminiscing. Just make sure the women are dressed sexy.

7. Decades Party

You can work with any decade, but the best decades to throw down with are the 20’s, the 60’s, and the 80’s.

For the 20’s party, drink martinis and other classy drinks, and make sure everyone shows up in their finest attire. You want this to be an evening your guests remember, and have unprotected sex at. So make sure you remove any modern day appliances such as a television or CD player, and set up your living room to include a record player or live orchestra.

For the 60’s party, be sure to include multiple psychedelic drugs and baggy, hemp, or out-of-style clothing. You should expect to be really fucked up into the morning so make sure you bolt all the windows shut and have some Pink Floyd ready to go on repeat on the iPod. Having Doritos accessible is definitely encouraged.

The 80’s party should be a blast. Bump Hall and Oats, break out the cut sweatshirt, maybe roll on some high white socks, and style that hair in an unusually embarrassing manner. Prepare to giggle and possibly get AIDS. Should be a blast!

6. 40’s Party (Not The Decade)

What good can be said about the 1940’s? Sure, FDR had a good run, but nothing too cool went down. Fucking Russia got weird with us. Screw that decade; it’s time to run wild with actual 40’s. The 40’s party really is one of the coolest parties to be at. Everyone pretty much drinks the equivalent of at least 10 beers, and people are waving around their hands like crazy, and getting drunk very quickly.

Upon arrival, duct tape a forty beverage—specifically Olde English, as that’s the classy way to get drunk—to each hand of each guest. Guests are not allowed to take either off until they completely finish both drinks.

Sit back, get wasted, and let hilarity ensue.

5. 40’s and Blunts Party

What you need for this party is a basement, 40’s, and a lot of blunts. The idea at this party is simply to get very messed up. This is achieved through the casual consumption of various 40’s and hotboxing the basement. It is a must that at this party there is beer pong and that each player is smoking a blunt, each game. Once everyone is in, shut the doors, shut the windows, blast hip-hop music, get high, get drunk, get fucked up, and enjoy.

Of course, this party will be very expensive, take consideration for the large amounts of beer and huge portions of chronic. Also, cleanup and airing out your basement (or your parent’s basement) will be a bitch, but it’s so worth it.

4. Blacklight Party

Blacklight Parties are always a lot of fun, mostly because they end up turning into orgies. Who doesn’t like a hot orgy every now and then? Guests arrive to the party wearing a white shirt, a requirement. The house should be set up to have a majority of the lighting, like 89%, blacklights. Scattered throughout the house should be highlighters of all colors: blue, yellow, orange, green, anything.

As the party progressives and guests continue to get shithoused, they will write on one another. Once you can sense the drunkenness in the atmosphere, turn the music up and watch as the messages people write to each other get more vulgar, sexual, sloppy, inappropriate, and funny. Sure enough, clothes will come off and a sweaty orgy will ensue. Make sure you wrap up.

3. ABC Party

I would have to assume everyone knows what this stands for: Anything But Clothes. So awesome, I know. Basically there is only one requirement to enter the party: no shirts, no shorts, no pants, no service. A guest may not wear anything that can be classified as clothes.

Half the party will most likely show up in a trash bag, but the originality of some of the more ambitious guests will make the party awesome. I’m talking girls dressed scantily clad. I’ve seen outfits that fit around women include the following things: watermelon, Post-Its, whipped cream, and Saran Wrap, among other things.

No one likes to see a lot of male nudity, so it is encouraged that guys keep it conservative. Of course, some will risk it all and attach a Natty can to their junk or simply show up ass naked. Feel free to kick them out if necessary or if you self-induce at the sight of such a thing.

Above all, you better get laid.

2. Viagra and Sweatpants

This is one of my favorite themes. Let me explain about the first Viagra and Sweatpants party. It was a slow Saturday afternoon after a hard night of drinking. My friend had an open house for the whole weekend, so, to no surprise, we abused the hell out of it. We had cleaned up the previous night’s mess and were relaxing to some quality episodes of MTV’s “Parental Control.” A debate began to try to figure out what we were to do with our evening. I went to the bathroom a boy, and I returned a man, with Viagra in hand. Supposedly, Tom’s dad is a user, but we quickly became the abusers. We were all still in sweatpants as we called up our ladies, and upon their arrival we popped them pills. Fun was most definitely had, as uptucking was not even possible.

One very special rule though: Girls must wear tube tops. It’s the only way to make it fair.

1. Halloween Party

There is no better holiday than Halloween. And there is no better party to have than a Halloween party. What other night of the year are women encouraged to dress as slutty as possible while guys dress as funny as they can? I love the holiday, which is why there is no reason it should be limited to one night a year. Break out the 151 and Absolut because it’s a special occasion. Call up everyone in your phonebook because on your special night, say in late March, it’s Halloween all over again. No doubt are you getting laid, HIGH FIVE.

There. I’ve planned your Friday and probably Saturday night. Don’t thank me, just get drunk and enjoy the debauchery that shall most definitely develop. Remember, wrap your shit up with a nice domepiece—that is essential. Stay safe, party animals.

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More importantly, did you consider the implications of "black out or get out." 10 beers or 10 shots in rapid succession and most girls are on the way to the hospital. Even guys without Irish blood in them would struggle with a feat like that. Where does that leave you, the host, when 911 gets called to pick up several people in a single night with alcohol poisoning. Good thinking shithead.

cleveland steamers and wet dreamers

Bloodsuckers and Bloggers

peeping toms and soccer moms

Big Cats and baseball bats

Oh fuck off. Getting shitfaced is just a laugh and if I end up being brought the the hospital I would simply call it a successful night. Lighten up yaa reeee.

the english do this befor they even go out drinking, infact we are the only people i know who drink on the train to go out drinking, pussy

TY Trevor . Did anyone read the news of the ex NFL star who's son died doing this stuff? alcohol poisoning isn't so funny .......when you're dead.

seriously I agree with trev... this guy sucks

Yo, one essential I've found for the black out party is to hide everyone's keys somewhere that only your weird, devoutly religious, virgin study buddy knows of. Then, let the madness begin.

For the 40oz party and even better the forty'n'blunt party, an amazing tool I found: The 40 Cozy! I bought a couple and they totally keep your hands/blunts dry and your malt liquor cold to the last drop. They even have a handle, in case you integrate the blackout party with the forty party, that way you don't lose your beverage. Either way, I place my support on these party idears.

I just heard of this great party theme

it's called rubiks cube!
everyone shows up in different colored red shirt, green hat, yellow pants, and blue shoes and by the end of the night you have to leave with wearing all one colors.
lots of fun and healthy undressing and swapping clothing going on!!!!

You are a giant douche.

lets just call this 10 tips for a rapist and be dun with it. fuckin dudes and their tudes.

thank you

you're right. he's evidently insecure.

Great Success!

You should try a toga-blacklight party!
I had one last weekend.
It was fuckin epic!!!!!


all these guys callen you a duche just have never been laid except by thier sisters. more importantly you should put up a marti gras party tites tities everwhere.

your a douche too bro

Whoa Whoa Whoa... that depends on how hot their sisters are bro

lol yeah like i think u have sum pretty sweet ideas n stuff but 10 shots of 151? haha u kidding? like i can only take 6 shots of like smirnoff vodka b4 im puking. not to many people can handle 10 shots of 151!! ahha thats fucked but otherwise, pretty sweet:)

haha those parties are sick and im definitly thinking about trying more then one of em out recently!
put the 10 done to 5 for girls. cause thaat would prolly be enough for mee! haha.

You americans are such pathetic drinkers! I'm totally shocked. 10 shots in rapid succession would put you on your asses. That's sad! That would be a quiet tuesday night for us here in NZ. Don't believe me? You should. Legal drinking ages 21, pfft. By 18 not only are we legal to buy alcohol but we are well trained in the art. For those less pathetic drinkers of you out there might i suggest trying 100 shots in 100 minutes. Not only will this knock you on your ass but large amounts of vomitting will ensue. Good times had by all. I'ma 19 year old girl and I've successfully attempted this 3 times so far, and only failed twice - both failures i still got over 80. Instead of taping 440ml cans to your hands try 1.5 litres of cider. You can buy a bottle for like $8 NZ so it's probably like $4 US. Edward cider hands is the name. And both hands must be taped to a bottle each. The participant has one hour to drink the 3 litres or they pretty much get fucked up by everyone else around. Eggs are usually involved. The last time we did this my mate actually ended us crapping his pants, but it was fucking hilerious. Another one of our more stupid ideas was a beer bong (or a funnell, or whatever the fuck it is that you guys call it over there) that was long enough to reach the ground from a 2nd story balcony. It could fit 10 beers but that was a tad excessive to bong. Instead the record was set at 7, and the guy had drunken about a doz already that night. I once bonged a quarter of a bottle of Jack Daniels (my drink of choice) straight, and just for fun. So i know you are all reading this and thinking, "fuck this girl is so full of shit!" but i assure you that everything is completely true. No exageration at all. Long story short - you need to improve your consumption skills because you're being majorly outclassed.

is it just me or is she kind of a twat.
ur probally some fat ass chick who drinks a lot so people

the only reason your a chick and you can "drink" that much is one, your a bull dike, or two your fucking huge.

just because she is a girl dont meen we cant drink as well or better then guys without being fat..... you people out there bagging girls you just have a huge mojo and you cant beat it coz youd end up dead

I am a female as well but I live in the states! Badass stories I must say! You should come to the states because we would get along very well. I can drink my drink of choice is patron silver straight! I drank 2 bottles one night at a party it was a blast!

Everyone watch out this chicks a raginf drunk and over weight jeez , Shit maybe the americans cant drink but who the fuck cares if i could get drunk off a six pack id be so god damn pumped .. Soo sweetie stop buying booze and hit the gym cause garanteed your not a 10/10 shit i doubt ur even a 5/10 I do understand why u like ur booze so much though ... Its the only way guys will sleep with you

I feel for your liver!


the fact that you had this much time to write this up means that u have no fucking life...point in case

Who the fuck would tape 450ml cans to their hands? Maybe if you read correctly you would see that it is a 40oz beer bottle. On top of that Australia/NZ, you all have drinking problems. Im studying here, and all you do is fight and break shit when you piss drunk. Its not even fun drinking with locals. Just because you can drink a lot of alcohol doesnt make you any more fun to party with. Congrats on becoming an alcoholic.

i was thinking the same thing that the girl is so full of shit and stuff.:P :P

next time try 100 shots with 100 Xanax then come back and talk shit you NewZoolander queef

2 percent beer doesnt usually get 300 pound heffers too far. stupid troll

you are so cool.

yeah u fucking fagget im sure u can fuckin drink 100 shots, have u fuckin heard of alcohol poisioning? i dont give a fuck where ur from it doesnt mean u cant get alcohol poisioning u nasty fuck face! go fuck yourself u dirty douche bag, eat ur moms shit and shove ur dads dick down ur throat hor, i wanna fuckn meet u so i cat kick the living fuck out of u, u deserve to have both knee caps of ur shot u nasty bitch, fuck u and mom grundle fucking bitch

So i go to a University in WA and im 19 since everyone here is bragging about how they drink even though this is a blog about party themes. I might as well talk about what i do for partying. First off you kiwi's ought to geta life. I mainly drink on the wednessdays and the weekends me and my mates pregame with anything we can find. I perfer vb or jack and coke but ive done a beer bong before. I've even been to a frat theme party and it was actually fun. Any pregame party is fun if you play games like cider hands or 100 club (hour of power or what eva you call it) I do drink to get piss drunk some times not all the time though. I dont get why everyone gets so fucking mad at other people. not every american thinks they are the best drinkers.

this aint no personal blog hour

Haha that last comment is hilarious. Ur trying waaay to hard to sound like some badass. Ur probably a little highschool baby thinking ur hard talking like that. What a loser. Total side note, ya us americans being outclassed? Fuck you. Our country has more worth then teaching everyone to be alcoholics by 18.

hell yea fuckin 100 shots thats like a days worth of water, but in alcohol wat a damn eurotwat

100 shots in 100 minutes is possible cock heads. you dont do it with straight or any of that shit just do 100 shots of beer or something it fucks you up still. ive done it 3 times now and never failed ive got a mate who has done it 6 times in a week! he is amazing. and we are now 17. so quit your bitching you whiney little yank pricks. where from Australia so our legal drinking age is 18 and im not a fat shit and neither is me mate. you people just drink like pussies. i started drinking when i was 13 so it takes a bit now.

100 shots of beer isnt anything, they are saying 100 shots of 151, if you look at what they are responding to the party idea is starting out with 10 shots of 151, so shut u piece of shit fucking child and learn how to pay attention to the fucking argument before you hop in the middle

dude no shit, you fat hoe. that game's called power hour- everyone knows about it retard- shotgunning 10 beers in a row will get you much more fucked up than that shit. plus the blogger's talking about liquor- shots with liquor cuntbag. and 151? that's basically 4/5 of beer can with straight up alcohol being downed. he's not talking about shots a beer you dumb bitch. elephant ho. fuck australia. the great barrier reef is a homo anyways

Shit, dude! That's awesome, and youre right, we do drink like pussies haha! Except my boyfriend, he's as skinny as a twig and he's like a fucking tank when he drinks haha!


This is all arse. If its possible to drink 100 shots, doesn't matter where your from - your talking different planets after. By the way whoever asked if that NZ was a twat - definitely is! British know how to do it best, love it, handle it - don't need to have 100 shots as we are generally slimmer. By the way the best party theme name is Golf Pros and Tennis Ho's. Brilliant.

Daaang, I really wana try a blacklight party some time. I heard those can get pretty crazy.

this guy has some pretty good footage, and does a whole "how-to" video about a party. idk, thought it might be good for anyone who might need to know how to throw a party.

Love the party ideas. Written like a true champion of college parties. I will be attempting all of these in the next few months.

Keep it up bro

hey chick... 80 shots is fucking alcohol poisoning. if you actually did that you'd be dead. so your story is a fucking huge tall tale.

there is nothing wrong with having to be 18 to drink, jsyk. People do it anyways so, age limits are pointless! canada represent !
rubiks cube party sounds crazy wild fun

this isnt a dick measuring contest its a party idea post, if you have ideas post em otherwise i dont give a shit what country or planet your from and how much u and ur buddies can drink. This isnt a place to try and prove yourself its a place of exchanging ideas.

hahaha to the fagggot from NZ, shut the fuck up. yea our drinking age is 21, yours may be 18, but by the time most kids are about 16, they have drinking down to a science. we do it so much better then you. we have fun. you just get alcohol poisoning. hahaahahha dumb idiot

you're fucking stupid.

My thoughts exactly. I should've read through more comments before posting below.

These are some of the worst party themes I've ever seen in my life, undoubtedly dreamed up by some horny male, probably in a frat (or just wishing he was still in college). Have you actually tried to host all/any of these? Viagra and sweat pants? Did any girls attend? Fucking retarded.

My favorite themed parties, and I've been to a lot, involve DRESSING UP in the theme, and not as a "sexy Abe Lincoln." Slutty girls are going to dress slutty regardless of the theme, so you might as well make it a good/fun one.

Try: Cocktail party, crazy patterns, Black & White, Euro Trash, Jersey Shore, summer in the winter, nationalities, etc.

ps. Bragging about doing 100 shots (or even 10) is just about the dumbest thing ever. I can get drunk off 6 drinks, and I'm certainly not embarrassed about it. I also don't spend hundreds of dollars a month on booze. Pathetic. Why don't you brag about something that can get you somewhere in life other than the toilet.

Hahahahahahaha I just laughed so much at these comments. I'm from New Zealand as well and I can't believe that random from NZ was boasting about getting fucked up like that! Yeah we have a mad binge drinking culture but to go on like that was stupid. What a douche. It's mint how you Americans all stood up for eachother haha good shit. The party themes are pretty sick, some a bit crazy but all good, that's what being young is for! Totally gonna try the black light one

yesssirr love the black light party i think im gunna try a rubiks cube black light mix tnight... yall are prolly welcome! p.s. GO RED WINGSSSS

you guys are all annoying. These comments basically have nothing to do with THEMES. 100 shots of anyhitng in 100 min? awesome. bragging about it to a bunch of people who dont give two fucks is obviously the cool thing to do

i need more party funs

fuck all u guys that nz girl is spot on, you fuking frat boys brag about how kool and wasome drinkers you are all the time. i would fuking drink you all under the table, you are shit all your beer adds are for light beer, we party from 15 and can handle 24 beers by 18. and 40's? we do 1.5 litres to each hand. And to all the cunts going on about how she must be fat and shit its actually normal for girls here to be able to drink decently and be hot as hell, its acutally far mor atractive seing a girl handle her liqour compared to the messy sluts u guys get. say what you want that im some fat geek but i know how to drink properly and can pull any chick i want, so shutup, stop braging about your drinking when u are obviusly outclassed

light beer is to stay skinny no because its less alcohol.


Not only are a lot of Aussie and Kiwis poor spellers, A shot of alcohol is 1.5 oz in America where as its only 1oz here. So what we drink is stronger per volume consumed.

what about a sex party.

This shit is hilarious... everyone (apparently) in NZ must have a lot of money to blow on.. booze. AA much?

New Zealand is Straight Ganstered! REP TPT! Fuck yeah we go way harder than you bitch ass Americans. Fucken pussys with your black president..

aha i like the last comment :)

you are all fucking loosers and need to get fucked this has nuthing to do with themes and who gives a fuck is this gall is fat are you jelouse or something that you cant get over the fucking fat chick xoxo

mhm. soo classy. bringing race into it-cause that has oh-so much to do with the theme PARTY IDEAS. wow. everyone here just needs to get over themselves-have a party-smoke a fat one-get some ass-and enjoi. who cares how much you down as long as your havin fun. damn.

you're a fucking asshole. I cry for every woman who must endure the misfortune or self-destructiveness that results in her attending you parties. Sounds more like a rape fest to me.

Mike Lamb's picture

But number 11 was the monogymous hand-holding party theme. Don't cry.

its people like you that make our world a better place. you have my respect.

Can't believe I just read all those comments haha

This is actually a pretty poor list, although I did enjoy maybe one or two of the ideas. Think practical. "Everyone has two 40's attached to their hands as they walk in" doesn't really work for a party with even 50 people. Come on now, guy.


These comments are ridiculous, I just wasted 20 minute reading all of them.

Stoplight Party- you could do clothing or simply buy beads. Green means single, yellow complicated and red means taken. Nothing crazy but it could spice up a normal party and it doesn't take much to participate.

all i'm really getting from this article is:

"YEAH!!! I'M A MAN." (pounds chest)

Wow..... that was the was a good one with the black president!! Why don't you grab your shotgun and your fucken sister and head back to the woods you racist bastard!!

this is just one opinion... im more inclined to trust what people voted on here

This shit is outa sorts. im from Queensland and I like the letter ABC theme. it doesnt matter what theme there is as long as there is games and lots a alcohol. I like punch parties with goon/passion pop/lemonade/vodka. it gets everyone pissed! Wednesday student nights are my favorite nights to party. (no classes lecs or tuts thurs :) I dont get as legless as my mates most nights but i do my fare share of drinking. If i dont feel it tomorrow i didnt drink enough. I did smash my hand one night on a wall when i got booted from a club. I was off my face. I cant imagine not drinking on a wednesday or weekend. ive always done it.
Good onya kiwi

"I'm talking girls dressed scantily clad."

Who edits this tripe, man? That's the same as saying "girls dressed scantily dressed." And this is a site about college? No wonder the whole world thinks we're a fucking joke.

All this internet crap and trendy Maxim pseudo-culture makes me about as sick as the sight of those miserable lumps of human crap they call the cast of Jersey Shore... like being force-fed huge stinking dogpiles day-in and day-out, and being told, "Get used to it, bubba -- this is how we Americans do things."

You all probably get your news from the Huffington Post and the Daily Show, to boot. God I'm so sick of the idiocy in this country. You want to write about college life? Try going to one, and I mean showing up to class, learning, looking for better things in life than topics for an article on Jersey Shore themed keggers.

Fucking stupidity. How long, Lord? How long?

abin clane's picture

I found a great article listing the best party schools that also rank high in academics. But if you’re looking for just a party school, you may seriously regret it when paying back your private student loan on McDonald’s wages.


Hahaha. These comments are hilarious. Some of you guys are soooo baad asss...

Should visit Wales at some point ;) the legal drinking age limit is 12*.


We're putting together the best college party themes over at the Party Lab, a site that's part of The Campus Companion network. Come help put all of the greatest parts of college into one place.

Party Lab is about college partying in its essence.

To the NZ 19 year old girl who thinks she's hot shit and wants us to believe she's taken 80 shots in one night, I have only one thing to say to you, soda doesn't count. I bet you are an overweight loser with no friends that sits on here posting things trying to make yourself look cool because you can't be in real life. The person that created this did so for other people to enjoy some cool party themes, you people don't need to come on here and give him shit about how, "alcohol is bad for you" or "You're a douche", if you don't like it, don't read it, and mind your own fucking business. As to the author, thanks for the ideas man, they'll come in handy.

Stupid dummies dead men walking and women getting raped.Stupid fucks.Why dont you do something useful better yet helpful instead a hurtful fun you aint gonna remember but only end up regretting when your either in the grave or in jail as an acsessary to manslaughter.FOOL

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