I‘ve heard a lot of talk about online casinos, which are nowadays, by all accounts, of very high quality and high standards. Inspired by this, I decided to try out the casinos myself and see if the good things I've heard are really true.

Having never been to a real casino before, I wanted to make the most of the experience. So I decided to dress in my best clothes, taking inspiration from James Bond films and other movies. Casinos usually serve martinis and other fancy drinks, so I prepared myself by replenishing my depleted bar at home.

I also set aside plenty of coins and banknotes to try out the online casinos. The only thing that worried me beforehand was the potential currency exchange: how much would it cost?

But I decided to be brave, open-minded and forget all my fears. I was sure things would work out somehow, as long as I got the first money transfer done.

The excitement built to a climax as I took to my laptop and navigated my way to my first online casino. At this point, I pulled out my money. Soon, it would find its way into the casino's tender attention and possibly double—or triple—in value.

First Choice: Pay n Play Casino

My first choice was a pay n play casino, which many had praised to me. Deposits would be very quick and easy, and any winnings would be paid out almost immediately. This had sounded more than good to my ears, so it was a perfectly natural choice in that respect.

The site looked really good. Believe me when I say, it looked really, really good. The color scheme was sporty and the site as a whole was quite simple and clean. Straight from the front page, I saw a myriad of tempting games that I would soon be getting my hands on.

Now just deposit your cash quickly and get playing, I thought and started counting coins and banknotes. It was at this point that I started thinking about where to put this money in the computer. How could I deposit the cash and get into the game?

No, It Won't Work

So it turns out that playing with cash in online casinos is not possible in the true sense of the word. Not by any means. This was the only thing that went unspoken when acquaintances and friends started recommending online casinos to me.

Deposits to online casinos are made with debit cards, credit cards or e-wallets—not coins or banknotes. I don't know what kind of insanity and brain fart had struck me before. There were the coins and banknotes, lying idle next to the laptop.

There I sat, in my James Bond-inspired suit, a cold martini glass in one hand and a computer mouse in the other, staring into space.

The games would definitely not be played this evening and an unforgettable casino experience, well, the kind you'd expect was not there. But I guess this is anyways a kind of a casino experience…

Here's to new disappointments and remember, if you want to gamble, don't imagine you're doing it with notes or coins!