The Internet Jokes

Top 10 funny things about The Internet:

  1. Through swear words and the caps button, people actually try to act like badasses: You are Not an Internet Badass
  2. The pop-up ads are more annoying than commercials that pop up at the wrong time during your favorite television show: Dorm Showers, Robotic Professors and Drunken Caretaking
  3. People spend more time online than they do out in the real world: My Internet Year
  4. Nobody really knows how millions of pictures of naked girls are on there: Ask Nicole: Metaphorically Screwed
  5. With its help, you can find true love…or another unattractive and possessed stalker: Internet Daters Demand Advice to “Male Electronic Dysfunction”
  6. It created internet porn, the main reason why the pornographic magazine industry might go bankrupt: Relationship Cheat Sheet
  7. People actually think online personal ads are less creepy than newspaper personal ads: Up Close and Internet Personals
  8. It's given a home to gamers and other people with no lives: I am an Online Poker Addict
  9. Like an Asian kid with a funny name, it has a simpler, “English” nickname: Internships: The Corporate Travesty
  10. You meet weirder people online than you do in real life: The Internet is Weird
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