Studying Jokes

Top 10 funny things about studying:

  1. It actually involves more procrastination than studying: Studying/Homework Away Messages
  2. Guys and girls actually used to be able to study together without thinking about getting in each other's pants: Relationship Cheat Sheet
  3. It gives us more headaches than our ex-lovers: How to Deal with College Finals and Papers
  4. Some hate to admit it, but it's actually an excuse to go on the computer and look at internet porn: The Lies We Tell
  5. Students never use their own study notes: Text-Heavy by E.E. Southerby
  6. No one does it at their desk anymore, because the couch and the bed make it much more comfortable: Puke-Protectors, Dorm Rooms and Finals
  7. Studying the opposite sex can be harder than studying advanced chemistry: An Idiot's Guide to Woman Management
  8. College students study things like beer and the opposite sex more than schoolwork: Dissed and Dismissed: Deciphering College Rejection Lines
  9. No one ever studies a week before like they're supposed to because they do it about two hours before the test or exam: Emory Network Late-Night Chat
  10. It's always the greatest thing to do at night because you have an excuse to drink more coffee: All-Nighting
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