Santa Jokes

Top 10 funny things about Santa:

  1. He's so popular, people actually wear hats similar to his: I am Worse Santa
  2. Unlike your loved one, he'll always give you want you want: Sumo Size Me
  3. Not many people really pay attention to it, but he screws over a lot of poor kids: I'd Make a Lousy Dad
  4. Some mall Santas are extremely scary-looking: My Personal Helper Monkey
  5. He dies for articles written by Points in Case: Jesus Died for This Article
  6. Finding out he doesn't exist can truly ruin a 16-year-old's life: All Twelve Days of Christmas Explained
  7. Life can be hard for some people because they don't know what Santa's definition for naughty is: Naughty or Nice?
  8. Even though we've never heard him sing, there are songs about him: Christmas Songs are Bullshit, Part 1
  9. Actors try to be him in movies even though they know that they'll never be him: Christmas Tool Time
  10. We don't believe in him, but if we hear a noise on Christmas night, we'll assume it's him: Santa is Coming!
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